Clay Aiken Blogged

Those two popular words popped up on the boards again tonight.


Clay Aiken wanted his fans to know that he discovered that someone was pretending to be him on FaceBook.  Clay was concerned because the person was being inappropriately rude and Clay was very upset.

He went on to explain that, indeed, he has a FaceBook page, but it is only used by his close, personal friends.

In typical fashion, Clay wanted all his fans to know that whoever was trying to “friend” them was a wacko and a poser.



Thank you , Clay, for trying to protect your fans from the “wackos of the world.”  How difficult it must be to have to watch over your shoulder all the time.

It’s really too bad that people try to scam fans and it’s also too bad that people have been hurt.  Sometimes we all need to step back and try to understand that no celebrity can “friend” their fans.  It just would not work.

The next time we see the words, “He Blogged”, lets hope it can be a happy announcement of something positive in the future.

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Blogged

  1. I’m glad Clay addressed this right away…..Good for him. How sad that this jerk has nothing better to do than cause trouble….People…..ignore him..he’s just looking for attention…stalker indeed….How pathetic.

    Thanks Clay…..glad to hear from you, but sad that you had to blog about that garbage…I’m sure you’ve got more important things to do..but as always….you love your fans, and don’t want them hurt. That’s why we love you.


  2. CANN is amazingly fast with the news . Thank you for spreading the word .

    And thank you for speaking up , Clay Good job !

  3. I’m so glad that Clay spoke up about the wacko and poser that is still at pretending to be him. That person (or small group of people) really need to get a life because they clearly have way too much time on their hands.

    But as we all know, this has been going on for far too long and in so many different ways. What a bunch of losers these people are.

    Thanks for bringing that information here to CANN. And thank you Clay for speaking up about it. Maybe now some of these people will realize that they aren’t accomplishing anything.

  4. Yep, some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands and waaaaaaay too little by way of a real life. It’s sad and frustrating that Clay and his fans have to endure this kind of crap.

    Thanks, CANN, for bringing this to light for fans who otherwise may be (or have been) taken in by these imposters.

  5. Clay is so charismatic that it is understandable that fans want to be close to him, but the reality is that he can’t. Fans need ot understand that and shy away from anyone who contacts them or leaves a way for them to contact “him” because it isn’t Clay, just a jerk who wishes he could live Clay’s life.

  6. Clay cares a lot about his fans! I am so glad he feels he can talk to us like we are his friends…even if we aren’t his Facebook friends *g*

  7. Clay tends to ignore it when others attack and mistreat him, but when it’s his family, friends or his fans who are affected Clay always takes action. One more reason why I love Clay.

  8. Have to agree with what MagicalMusic said. I love that he stands up for us, his fans, just as he would for his family and friends.

  9. Just as Clay said it is no shocker that there is a fake account for him on facebook. I remember fake accounts on my space, and other places. People need to be careful what they believe and use some common sense. I’m glad Clay addressed the issue. There are wacko people out there who have fake accounts in various places of other celebrities also. It’s fairly common.

  10. I’m so glad Clay blogged and told us about this. I don’t go on Facebook..but, for the many who do, be forewarned. What a bunch of losers..they definately need to get a life.

  11. Well Clay I’m in your Facebook and it would take a lot more then a crazy Blogger pretending to be you,to make me believe for you to be rude and inappropriate that is not the image I or the rest of your fans have. Thanks anyway for addressing it.
    Rita…JAXV. FL.

  12. Does anyone know if the MOAM, Wilkes Barre video is available anywhere so that I could download same, other than Youtube? If so could someone let me know? I can check back here in case someone answers my question. I can’t find this on Clack. It seems everything from that concert is so dark and I can’t find this particular video.

  13. Cookie, I made the video from clips on CU (and I lightened them a bit). Do you want a sendspace of the video I made?

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