Like many of Clay Aiken fans, I check Google for news about Clay Aiken often during the day.  Yesterday, a google alert popped up about Clay being the guest speaker at a Caregivers conference.  I quickly wrote up a short blurb about the event and posted it. I was feeling good about finally doing something quickly.

Well, I checked again and realized it was an old article with yesterdays date on it.  I immediately deleted the article from the blog site.  I would guess it was up all of 5 minutes.  BUT, that was long enough to get picked up in the feed for the e-mails.  So sorry for the misunderstanding.

It’s a good lesson for me.  I usually try to have more than one source before I post, but I was feeling in a hurry and , well…………….OPPS!!  Maybe a nice picture of Clay will help!!

A special thank you to all of you for reading and commenting.  We are having fun and I hope you are enjoying CANN.

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  1. Awwww.. Those updated old news releases get us all! You do a great job of researching things for us and writing them up! I stop by here at least once a day to see what's new! Thanks for the hard work!

  2. Thanks for clarifying that CANN. I remember reading it, and wondering why it wasn’t mentioned all over the place… Heck, I might have even had it on my alerts…..but I did not check the date when I read it either… You wonder how on earth it would resurface on google???? Oh well…these things happen.

    Thanks for posting this, as I was thinking I was seeing things…hahahahaha


  3. A lot of people were fooled by that one! It did appear to be recent news to many! And, if it gave you a reason (not that you need one!) to post a great picture of Clay Aiken….it’s all good to me!

  4. Yes, I got that in my daily e-mail from you. I kept wondering why it wasn’t posted everywhere. I did remember when he spoke there..and even the picture was an old one. Thanks for clearing that up..we all make mistakes. I love the Clay Aiken News Network..and keep up the good work.

  5. It’s okay. I love this site. Actually had never seen the article before, so I was glad to read it.

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