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There was breaking news on Friday about Clay Aiken’s newest album.  It seems that Walmart jumped the gun and had some CD’s available at one of their stores.  One of Clay’s fans was able to take one home on Friday and shared the news with the ClayNation.  This is what she wrote.

“A little more on the CD.  It has a pdf file playlist/Liner Notes/Images (Hubba hubba)/Discography/Wallpapers- The liner notes contain 5 paragraphs that talk about his albums, sales (over 6 mil) stint in Spamalot, and his philantropic endeavors “activism on behalf of children”, Unicef Ambassaador in addition to starting the Bubel-Aiken Foundation.  The discography section has nice pics of all the album covers.  And get this it says COMPILATION PRODUCED by CLAY AIKEN.  The liner notes were written by Allsion Glock!! It really is verra verra nice!!  Even if you have the songs, all the extras make it well worth the $7.00!!”

It is exciting to learn so much about the new album.  Mr. Producer-Clay Aiken……….sounds wonderful.

Do remember, any albums bought before March 31st will not count for first week sales.   It’s been reported that the CD will be available at BestBuy and Walmart on March 31st.

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8 thoughts on “Playlist – the very best of clay aiken

  1. Can’t wait to get my copies of this cd.

    I love knowing that Allison Glock had a hand in writing the liner notes as well.

    Thank you for the information. Is it Tuesday yet? 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to get my copy of the Best of Clay Aiken. I am so glad that Ashes is first on the Album!!

  3. What wonderful news….I read this somewhere on the boards last night….. Wow…Clay is dabbling in all aspects of his career…..I am beyond thrilled for him….He is so smart….

    Can you imagine how much he has learned over the years, just being with Jaymes…???? All the knowledge from her 30+ years in the business. I truly think we are in for a wonderful ride with Clay Aiken….. OH…I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks CANN for bringing this article over…I have chills just thinking about his smarts…..


  4. I hope Wal*Mart and Best Buy get a clue and have it for sale north of the border. I have my order in on but I want it on the 3lst. It just isn’t fair! 🙁

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