Clay Aiken – A Pilates Expert?

Did you know that Clay Aiken was doing Pilates five days a week while starring in Spamalot?

According to Pilates Pro, Kristan McBee, Clay worked with her at around 1pm each week-end.  She stated that he was great to work with and that, although they worked hard, they kept it fun.  Clay is not the only celebrity that Kristan has worked with.  She also has worked with Steve Martin and LeeAnn Rimes.

The following is part of Kristin’s biography on her blog.

In 2003, Kristin was asked to choreograph and instruct the first MTV Yoga video, which she followed up with three additional fitness titles for the music video channel: MTV Power Yoga, MTV Pilates and MTV Pilates Mix. Kristin has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN Headline News, Fox’s Good Day New York, Tyra Banks Show and NBC’s Today Show as a fitness consultant and has been on the covers of Pilates Style and Fit Yoga magazines. She has also been in Self, InStyle, Shape, Fitness and Women’s Health as a contributing editor and/or fitness model.

Kristin’s success as the MTV fitness guru brought her stars and athletes as clients. When she’s not teaching at select health clubs in Manhattan, Kristin spreads her yoga and Pilates discipline to schools and community centers in the New York City area. She volunteered at the winter Olympics in 2002 as well as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and Self Workout in the Park.

Kristan was recently featured on the show Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy. During the interview, she shared some behind the scenes tales of training celebrities.

If you are interested in hearing the entire interview, it is featured on her blog.

If you want to hear the part that mentions Clay, we have clipped it and you can listen HERE

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Pilates Expert?

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that she said he was so sweet and wonderful to work with.

    People probably don’t realize all the work Clay had to do in order to perform in Spamalot and be at his best. Whatever that man does, he puts is heart and soul into.

  2. Well, I hope he keeps up the pilates program now that he’s finished Spamalot. Clay Aiken looked fabulous during his Spam run!

  3. Clay Aiken does look to be in good shape now. Hope he continutes the “pilates” as needs to stay healthy.

  4. Clay Aiken is going to want to keep up his energy with all his projects plus a new son. Keep doing the pilates.

  5. Pilates is a great way for Clay to keep in shape. He looks great since Spamalot! I wonder if he’s also been lifting some weights. He looks quite buff.

  6. Pilates is a superb workout!

    Clay Aiken would be tons of fun to work with (or workout with – either one). Glad that Kristen had a good time while she was working his – working him – while they were working out together!

  7. I had no idea Clay did pilates during his Spam run! I bet he and Kristen had fun working out together! Did she mention Clay’s stomach muscles?!?! *sweet-mother-of-god*

  8. Good for him that he was taking Pilates. He looks so good..and I also wonder if he is lifting weights or he looks so buff also..and Hot!!

  9. I did not know that!!! Pilates is a great all over strength training exercise. I hope he keeps it up, he looks great and your right he does look buff. I love the Q&A and learning more about Clay.

  10. Pilates “focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine. In particular, Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles.” With the rigors on doing a Broadway show (and the bottle dance!) 8 times a week, it was very wise of Clay Aiken to participate in a program like that.

  11. You learn something new everyday. I had no clue Clay was doing pilates. I tried it once and didn’t care for it. Now if Clay were willing to be my instructor, I’d have to give it another try.

  12. I am glad to read Clay did this while in Spam. His role was so demanding-the YWSOB dance-especially. I bet the pilates training really helped him in the show. This instructor really has some high profile clients. Thanks for posting this-I would never have guessed that Clay did pilates. I hope he is keeping it up now-he seems to always have a busy schedule even in his “down time”

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