Clay Aiken Celebrates Record Store Day

Today, April 18th, music lovers worldwide will descend on local independent music shops to celebrate the second annual Record Store Day, a day that celebrates independent music stores and independent artists.  USA Today reports that over 1,000 stores and 6000  artists are participating in the activities that include signings and live performances.

In a music world that is rapidly going online and digital, the idea of a day celebrating record stores may seem quaint and out of touch. Nonetheless, here it is. Happy second annual National Record Store Day.

The event was founded in 2008 as a way to get more retail traffic into stores. It has since grown in popularity and hype. This year, more record labels are involved, and they are offering about three times as many exclusive perks. And here’s the irony: Some retailers have discovered that for businesses operating on thin margins, managing all those perks and premiums can be tricky.

“(The day) is a great way to commemorate and celebrate the importance of record stores, particularly independent record stores and the communities they serve,” said Steve Wilson,  a long-time music retailer. “Last year, record companies cooperated by offering free product or value-added product the customer could get with the purchase of another CD. This year it has exploded.”

“It hasn’t been an easy road for independent music stores.  About 1,000 music retailers have gone out of business since 2003,” said Joel Oberstein, president of Almighty Institute of Music Retail, a market research firm based in California. “But 2,000 independent record stores have survived, and the store closings have leveled off over the past year.”

When’s the last time you want to an actual record store…a place where you have to walk through a door and can’t just click “download”?  Record stores are pretty great. It’s where you talk to people face-to-face while trying to discover what new artist you might enjoy or who’s recording of a certain song is the best. It’s those sorts of stores where so much essential music learning takes place. If you haven’t ever been in a record store, visit one.  It’s like another world.

What is this doing on a Clay Aiken board?  Well, Clay is a recording artist and I would bet he has spent many hours digging through the bins at a record store.  PLUS, until there is more Clay news, you will just have to be satisfied with related articles.  Besides, you will always get a nice picture of Clay.

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Celebrates Record Store Day

  1. 🙁 I miss vinyl records, CDs are great, but there was just something about holding that LP in your hands, pulling out the sleeve, reading the liner notes. SOMETIMES they would even put a message around the inner circle of the LP. On one of The Clash’s LPs it said “In Space No One Could Hear you Clash”. I miss all of that 🙁

    If Clay came out with a new CD I’d be at my local record store in a heartbeat! Until then, it’s just single digital downloads for me 😀

  2. Great article! And an even better picture of Clay!! Of course, I love the Clay Aiken News best, but I also love all the other information you bring to this site!! Keep up the good work.

  3. That’s ok I enjoy any picture of Clay. Who wouldn’t? He’s so handsome and his voice is to die for. Well, Clay has had many CD signings at Virgin Records so I can relate to that article. Hope to see a new CD soon.

  4. The record store was the place to hang out. I still have my vinyl LPs with the beautiful covers. Nothing to play the records on though–some day I hope to get a turntable to convert the treasures on these albums to CD.
    I for one, hope the stores don’t disappear, having an original CD is special to me.

  5. I too miss the old vinyl LPs and hope a day doesn’t come that all music is by downloads, I love having the actual CDs and LPs in my display case.

  6. Very interesting, thanks! The only lps I’ve saved through the years are my Beatle lps. My most recent prized possesion is my OMWH cd signed by Clay. I got in it NYC at the Virgin Mega Store cd signing.

  7. My husband and I still have all our LP’s stored away and just can’t seem to part with them. So many memories there. We have purchased our favorites in cd format, but I agree that having that LP format was always great.

    Although I do think we are going to be all digital in the near future, I hope that there will always be the opportunity to purchase the physical cd as well. Printing out the ‘digital booklet’ and inserting it in a cd case is just not the same.

    Oh well, as long as Clay is putting out music, I’ll purchase it in any format.

    Thanks for the great blog.

  8. It use to be great going into a music store…. It was the only way that we could get music…. When I was just a teenager, I would go into Woolworths, and they would always have the top 45’s to buy, I think they were 99 cents. But you would go to a music store, like Sam the Record Man to browse through the Albums… Music was always playing in the store… It use to be nice…
    Sometimes you’d come across an album, and go “wow..I forgot about this..I love his music” and you’d buy the album… Now basically it’s what is pushed down your don’t have the opportunity to browse and check the albums out… Too bad.

    I find myself not going into music stores because of the music playing now…It’s usually hip hop or rap..and it drives me out of the store..I hate it. Mayabe that’s the point to just draw in young kids, so us old ones stay out??? I don’t know… Just let me listen to someone that can actually sing…that will do it for me…

    Oh yes..the bins…I remember all that…and when they played music in the stores, it was a mixture..R&B, rock, easy listening, country, jazz…It gave you a little taste of everything…which is good!!!!

    Great article, and CANN….you make it all interesting…thankyou so much for all your time and effort in posting these informative blogs…


  9. I miss the days of the old record stores. I was an Elvis fan and had all his early records. After he died I wanted to collect his later stuff so I’d head to the record store each payday and buy one or two LP’s. What fun that was. There’s nothing like having a big, LP size picture of your favorite guy in addition to the music inside!

  10. All the record stores in our area have long been closed. Now the closest place for me to purchase any music is at Walmart and their selection is a lot smaller than it used to be. I like having the physical CD in my hand, but I’ve had to go to d/l for some.

  11. Great article. I miss the good old days of vinyl records. Thank you for all the work you put into making the CANN site so good! While we’re waiting for Clay news, you always find something interesting to put on the site. It is appreciated.

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