Mo -5 Minutes with Clay Aiken

One of the favorite Clay Aiken interviews was last year when Clay spent 5 minutes with Mo Rocca.  There is a new clip of the interview which is just a bit different than the original that we saw before.  Be ready to laugh.


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23 thoughts on “Mo -5 Minutes with Clay Aiken

  1. Clay is SO adorable in this interview. Not that he isn’t ALWAYS adorable! Thanks for bringing it back to us, CANN.

  2. Love that interview – almost feels like we should feel guilty for eavesdropping, it’s so natural. So cute! Thanks for finding this one …it did have quite a bit that was clipped from the original.

  3. This was a great interview, I just love listening to him talk and he seemed so relaxed and really enjoying himself.

  4. This is one of my favorite interviews and still makes me smile. I love this added small portion to the original. Thank you for posting it over here.

  5. Clay is such a cutie, and so much fun to watch and listen to. Thanks for sharing this “new” footage with us!

  6. That is one of my favorite interviews ever. Thanks for bringing us the added 5 minutes… or the added comments about Mother’s Day anyway. I don’t remember that from the first interview.
    What a great site this is. Thank you all!

  7. What a great interview…. I could listen to these guys for hours…What a hoot!!!!!!

    Thanks Cann for bringing this over to us.


  8. I loved this interview..especially the part where he throws down the chopsticks and says “I give up.” That wasn’t in the original. his laugh. He is just adorable.

  9. This was a great interview, It’s just so funny!
    I loughed when Clay didn’t know how to use those chopsticks…well, I probably would throw it out too!!!
    Thanks for posting it here.

  10. I never tire of watching some of these interviews …. just too cute! Thanks for the memories. 🙂

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