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Could it actually have been a year already? It’s hard to believe that it was exactly a year ago that Clay Aiken ended his first run on Broadway. May 4. 2008 will be a day that will be talked about for a long time.

For most of Broadway, it was a typical Sunday. Many shows had an afternoon matinee but there was no special holiday and so the shows were lightly attended that afternoon……except for Spamalot. It was Clay Aiken’s last show.

The Shubert was sold out and the crowd was excited and full of energy and love. They were not afraid to show their admiration for Clay and the other actors in the stage. The entire cast was “on” and showed their respect for Clay as they allowed more time for the Sir Robin “high-jinx” and the applause of the audience.

After the show was over, the crowd filled Shubert Alley. Most felt that there was no way that Clay could come into the Alley. It was just too crowded and would not be safe.

But, suddenly, Clay was spotted on the roof above the marquee. By appearing above the packed alley, he seemed to be thanking his fans for their support throughout his run in Spamalot.

Clay blew kisses to the crowd, signed “Thank You” and signaled the number 6 to remind his fans of the drop-date of his new album. Clay didn’t stay long, but he certainly won the hearts of the fans that afternoon. What a spectacular way to end his successful run in Spamalot.

The video is below is fun to see and hear. The crowd was so supportive.

Click here to see video:


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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Above The Crowd

  1. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Clay Aiken made that momentous appearance on the roof of the Shubert! Now we are just waiting to see what Clay has in store for his fans next!

  2. Spamalot was such a good show and I’m happy Clay had the opportunity in the role of Sir Robin to work with so many other wonderful actors. It was quite a ride for both Clay and fans. So much fun!

  3. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in New York and went to see Clay in Spamalot, when in actuality it has been a whole year. What a fun time. It’s funny how time flies so fast, but then the day to day goes so slow.

  4. I wish I’d have gotten a chance to go to Spamalot. He was so great with fans giving them many chances to “meet” him. He also had to have enjoyed the comedy aspect of the show as he loves a good laugh! Is there any chance of you putting up some of the best funny concert moments some time in the future?

  5. What a heartwarming night for Clay Aiken with his farewell to Broadway. Yet he was blessed to return a few months later.

  6. Gosh..It’s been a year!!!! I can’t believe that I wasn’t even connecting today’s date with that!!!!! Time sure flies….He was just so good on Broadway!!!!! He can accomplish anything…He’s got it all


  7. Wow…Already a whole year since his first run in Spamalot closed. What an exciting night that was..even for the ones who couldn’t be there..because the clack kept coming in. Nice to see that video again..thank you!

  8. It is hard to believe it has been a year already. Alot happened in that year. Clay fit into that show so well and showed how incredible his comedic talent among others is. I will always celebrate his appearing in Spamalot!

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