Clay Aiken – Are You Ok?

It is Sunday Morning and it has been 4 days since the coronation of the new American Idol.   And the hoop-la is still going on.  Can you believe how many articles have been written about one man’s opinion about another person’s  singing.  With all the “press” on this story, you would think there had been a murder, an affair, or a celebrity found high in the back of a car.  But………..all the fuss is about a humble man who had the nerve to give an opinion.  Amazing, isn’t it??

Today is Sunday and for those who are inclined, perhaps a special blessing could be said for an unique young man who had the nerve to answer a question.  For the rest of you, perhaps positive thoughts can be a part of your day.

We are going to post a few pictures that might make you remember why you are a fan of Clay Aiken.  I hope that each one puts a smile on your face and  produces a pull on your heart.

Clay………..those of us at CANN love you and respect you.  May your life be filled with joy and love!!

Let’s all remember what is important!!

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62 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Are You Ok?

  1. Thank you for posting this!!! I am sooo sick of the media hoop-la over his comments. Seriously, since when did his opinion mean THAT much to the media? So he made one mean comment, big whoop. Did he go to far….eh…perhaps, but perhaps not. Besides, isn’t that what a blog is for, voicing your opinions? I know i have voiced my opinions about certain celebrities i wasn’t a fan of on my blog…more than once. And look at Perez Hilton. He is FAMOUS because he trashes celebrities! Compared to some of the stuff he writes, Clay’s comment was nothing! I swear, am i the only one who thinks the media has it out for Clay? It’s like they want to make him out to be this horrible person, AND HE’S NOT! *Takes deep breathe* WHEW…it was good to get that off my chest… and yes, thanks for posting those great reminders of why WE LOVE CLAY!!!

  2. Is Clay OK? Of course he is! He gave his opinion of a song, and I agree with him on that performance. I wouldn’t know about any of the sites out there that are using this just to get hits to their sites. I have better things to do than waste my time reading any of this crap. There are losers like this all over the internet. Heck, they go on any blog and put negative comments. They are sad people and this is the only way for them to feel good about themselves. Just think of it, if they had any kind of a life would they be spending their time this way? Well, there ya go!!

  3. I am sure Clay is fine. He has learned to ignore bullys and he knows what’s important. Thanks for reminding me of what’s important.

  4. I don’t knwo where you people are coming from saying people are hatin’ on Clay… all I see here is flowers being thrown at his feet by fans.

    I guess the owner of this blog is just not posing everything that is said.

    • I have actually been letting in some negative posts, though I do usually filter out offensive ones. We don’t need haters here. Regardless, I think people are commenting about posts and articles elsewhere where Clay was being bashed. Rather mercilessly if you ask me.

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