Clay Aiken Blogged!!

May 22nd

Clay Blogged

What a wonderful man!!

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Blogged!!

  1. Clay wouldn’t hurt anyone intentionally for anything….We all know this…Some people just want an excuse to bash him….some have been wanting to leave for awhile now..and this was just an excuse. They have bashed him for the first blog….Now that Clay has apologized…I haven’t seen one of them come on and say a good word , or any word … Too bad they don’t have as much class as Clay…Good lord…

    I love me some Clay Aiken….As far as I was concerned..he didn’t need to blog the 2nd time…I completely understood what he was saying in the first post….


  2. Clay apologized to cover his ass and I am glad he did. I was ashamed of him for the way he spoke about Adam, it sounded like sour grapes because AI didn’t want him anywhere near them this season. Hope he learns his lesson because some of his fans also love Adam. I will be going to all Adam’s performances and buying his cds, just as I did with Clay. I can love two Idols, why not.

    • That rumor about AI is false. Clay went to the AI offices to visit some friends. He had no intention of trying to meet the contestants, who he already knew wouldn’t be there, and he was not turned away. The story is completely bogus. Obviously from his blogs, he never was interested in working with Adam either, so that part of the story is bogus also. So, no sour grapes, just an honest opinion… which he has now apologized to Adam for… if Adam even cares.

    • Clay did not have to cover anything, as you so crudely worded it. Don’t be ashamed for him, just for what you yourself do and say. I agreed with what he said, although he may have been a bit too vehement.

    • I find it amazing that even Clays own “fans” would believe everything they read about him. Its MADE UP folks – alot of whats written about him IS.

      Wait til the man tells you – that way you are sure its true.

  3. Love the second blog, although he didn’t have to do it. I knew what he meant the first time. He meant no disrespect towards Adam. Just the song for crying out loud! His opinion was shared by many. Why does HIS opinion get picked up? Cos he’s famous! People can’t get enough of him! I just hope we can get back to being Clay Aiken message boards. Those who can’t get enough of AL can just move on over to his freeeee message board!

  4. Isn’t that something…some people will believe anything they see on the internet. Anyone who believes these tabloids freaks deserves to be lied to.

    Now back to Clay. What a class act he is. I loved both of his blogs…and yes, he is very influential..why else would they follow him around everywhere he goes..and quote everything he does. Misquote, is what I meant to say. He is a SUPER STAH!!

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