Clay and Parker Aiken and Jaymes Foster

We have added a wonderful slideshow of all the new Parker pictures……Special thanks to Mee2u2 for the wonderful pictures

We will do another slideshow of the new Clay pictures ASAP.  Please check back

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Here are some more pictures of our favorite celebrity family.

The pictures are from Popeater

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25 thoughts on “Clay and Parker Aiken and Jaymes Foster

  1. Wonderful pics…

    I love to see Clay out with Jaymes, just doing regular grocery shopping….Just like everyone else… That pretty well says it all for me about Clay… For a Superstar..he’s pretty well “down home”… For some reason, this pic just touches me…..

    And the pic of Parker…He is absolutely adorable…He looks like such a sweet baby…. but I guess when you’re brought up with so much love…it shows…

    A D O R A B L E !!!!!!!


  2. What GREAT pictures! Parker is adorable and James looks great. I like the picture of Clay Aiken and Jaymes coming from the grocery store too.

  3. What a cutie baby he adorable!

    I’m so happy that we have these pictures of Parker to know how happy and cute he looks!

    Clay and Jaymes must be so proud of him.

  4. Wonderful to see Clay and Jaymes out shopping..just like us regular folks. Boy, they sure had that grocery cart filled up, Pampers, Viva Towels, almost looks like my cart(minus the Pampers, of course) Today was one of the best days in a while..after all, we finally got to see the little sweetiepie..and what a cutie he is.

  5. Parker is adorable! That seems to be the word of the day! He looks like his Daddy…who is adorable too!

  6. Oh my goodness…………that child is ADORABLE!!! I am sure that momma Jaymes and daddy Clay are enjoying every minute with that sweet child. Thanks for sharing CANN.

  7. God bless this beautiful family. Couldn’t ask for a better life for Clay. I am so proud of him and his beautiful, loving Jaymes and Parker. I feel sorry for those that walked away from Clay when he came out. This is proof of the wonderful life that God has given Clay and that Clay so appreciates. Love to all three of them.

    • Hi Bettly,
      Just want to share my thoughts of Clay and his family. I'm so happy for Clay he deserves the best of life and I adored him so much from day one during AI-2 season. It didn't matter to me whether is straight or not and when he came out my adoration and loved has made it more stronger, and for those who walked away from Clay aren't truly a fan. By the way, before I go on, I'm a new member of the OFC and I am from Canada. I just joined this year and already met quite a few wonderful claymates when I attended the Clay's Fan Fest in Pennsylvania organized by Cookie. I'm so proud to say that I am member of the Claymates. I can't wait to see him at the NIP Gala in October. Hope you didn't mind me replying to you I just want to meet more claymates in the future. Thank you………..Ester

  8. I can’t stop looking at all these beautiful pictures of this wonderful, happy family. God Bless all of them. 😉

  9. Parker is such a little angel. He is the spitting image of his gorgeous daddy, right down to that lipbite. What a beautiful family they make. Jaymes looks great. These pictures of Parker just make me smile!

  10. It is so touching to see how happy and relaxed Clay looks with his unconventional family. He truly has a beautiful family and it really warms my heart to see these family photos. Parker is an absolute doll and looks so much like his daddy. My love and admiration for Clay has only grown stronger over the years.

  11. Finally, the clouds have lifted and Clay looks genuiely happy, relaxed and at ease with himself, his family and the world. Now if he’d record as the crooner he is! To say ‘To blazes with all critics,’ and sing the rich love songs that best suit his voice and heart (sigh). I have a little list ranging over 40 years…

  12. Almost a year old, Parker is sure a cutie pie. My best to you both Clay and Jaymes. Prayers for you all everyday
    May God bless and keep you safe.

  13. OMG Parker is so cute and adorable just like his dad. Can't wait to see how you look like
    when you become a teenager, haha. Anyway, It was nice to see Clay happy with his family.

  14. Gosh, I wonder what little Parker looks like now. He is such a cutie at almost a year!!! It's 2012 lets see some recent pics of everyone.

  15. omg parker is indeed cute and adorable just like clay and i cant wait so see how ya look when your a teen ager hehe

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