Clay Aiken And Celebrity Stalkers

This past week has been a roller coaster ride for Clay Aiken fans with a lot of conversation focusing on the state of “journalism”, unscrupulous internet bloggers and celebrity stalkers.  The purpose of this particular blog is to give some facts about celebrity stalkers.  There are many articles on the internet about the topic and each one has their own lists and ideas.  So, the ideas presented in this article come from many different sources.

According to Psychiatric Times, Vol 23:

1.4 million people are stalked annually in the United States. 1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men will be stalked in their lifetime. 77% of women and 64% of men know their stalkers. 87% of stalkers are male. Less than two percent of stalking cases result in homicide. However, the emotional toll on the victims is significant, especially if you don’t know who the stalker is, or if he/she is mentally ill.

There are three basic types of stalkers.  They are Simple Obsessional Stalkers, Delusional Stalkers, and Vengeful Stalkers. In many cases there is overlap in the definitions.

A Simple Obsessional Stalker is anything but simple. They are typically the person who refuses to believe that a relationship is over, although they have been told repeatedly that it is. This type of stalker is the most common.

Do not be misled by this type thinking they are harmlessly in love. Many of them were emotionally abusive and controlling during the relationship and many even have a criminal record unrelated to stalking.

The next type is the Delusional Stalker. These stalkers frequently have never had any contact with their victim beyond the boundaries of their own mind. They may suffer from mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or erotomania. What they have in common is a false belief that keeps them tied to their victims. In erotomania they believe that the victim loves them, even though they have never met. A good example of this is the man that stalked and killed Rebecca Schaeffer.

Another type of Delusional Stalker may believe that he and the victim are destined to be together and even though they may not have met if he only just shows how much he loves her then she will love him and they will be together as it is meant to be. An example of this type of stalker is John Hinckley Jr. who shot President Reagan in order to show Jody Foster how much he loved her.

A Delusional Stalker is usually a loner, unmarried, socially immature and does not possess the interpersonal skills to maintain friendships and relationships. They have had few if any sexual encounters. They most often choose victims that are unobtainable like a celebrity or a married woman, their doctor, teacher, nurse or therapist. Those helping professions are at risk for attracting a Delusional Stalker.

Delusional stalkers are very difficult to get rid of and many go on for many years fixated on one person.

The last type of stalker is the Vengeful Stalker. They get angry at their victim due to some slight either real or imagined. We have all heard of disgruntled employees, these are vengeful stalkers and can be just as dangerous as the delusional. They stalk to get even and believe that “they” have been victimized. Ex-spouses can turn into this type of stalker and violence is all too common a result.

Delusional Stalkers who are obsessed by love have been in the news the last few years due to some high profile cases such as the murder of Rebecca Shaffer the actress and the stalking of famous people like David Letterman and Brad Pitt.

The victim of this type of stalker does not even have to have ever had a relationship with the person or even know them for that matter. The love is perceived by someone who is mentally unstable.

They imagine every day actions like walking on the same side of the street or buying the same kind of orange juice at the supermarket are secrets signs and signals you are giving them of your undying love. Bottom line the stalking is not about “You” at all but very much about the stalker and their state of mind.

For this reason avoiding this type of stalker, although they are not overly common can be difficult. Because you do not have to show them any attention or affection in order for them to become fixated on you, how can one prevent this from happening?

Every case of stalking should be taken seriously even those where there is no violence threatened in any manner. The case of Rebecca Shaffer is a prime example of this. He wrote her love letters and sent her gifts then showed up at her door one day and shot her dead in cold blood with no warning. “Never” assume that someone is harmless because they have not threatened you with violence. That can change at any moment.

According to Brent MacLean, Founder and CEO of J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc.:

Perhaps the saddest thing about most North Americans is that we don’t always know the law. Many people think that there is nothing that they can do to stop a stalker. Even more people think “people on the internet can do/say what ever they want to you”.

Stalking is a legal form of harassment and is against the law. It important to know that the law is available to protect you from any stalker or someone hounding you and your “virtual” identity. If you even suspect that someone is stalking you, don’t wait until it escalates. Contact the authorities immediately. The information is out there, so get educated quickly.

In California, both criminal and civil laws address stalking. According to the criminal laws, a stalker is someone who willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follows or harasses another (victim) and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place the victim or victim’s immediate family in fear for their safety. The victim does not have to prove that the stalker had the intent to carry out the threat. (California Penal Code 646.9,)

The criminal penalty for stalking is imprisonment up to a year and/or a fine of up to $1,000. There are more severe penalties when the stalker pursues the same person in violation of a court restraining order, with a sentencing range of two to four years imprisonment. Persons convicted of felony stalking also face stricter penalties if they continue to stalk their victim(s). Courts may issue restraining orders to prohibit stalking. (California Family Code 6320)

A victim of stalking may bring a civil lawsuit against the stalker and recover money damages. (See Civil Code 1708.7 for the elements and remedies of the tort of stalking.

Unfortunately, the Federal Government has few laws to help victims of stalking.  They rely on the individual states to solve the problem.  At this time, North Carolina has not addressed the problem and has very little in place to help victims of stalkers.  For information on the laws of your state visit  HERE

All of us care about anyone who is being stalked.  One can only hope that the stalkers can get help and that the law will soon catch up so these predators can be put away.

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31 thoughts on “Clay Aiken And Celebrity Stalkers

  1. FASCINATING!!! Thank you for the research!! I’d say Clay Aiken’s stalker fits the last two categories.

    • I am responding to all of our wonderful friends. I chose this comment because it was at the top.

      We are requesting that no specific names be used in your comments.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Clay Aikn has been plagued by his stalker for the last three years. What is so disgusting to me is how the media has used this stalker as a reliable source for information just to push false stories of Clay Aiken so they can sell their rag or gossip site. We live in a sick society where the news media befriends the stalker and risks the life and well being of a celebrity. I am overwhelmed by this deadly dual combination to destroy Clay Aiken’s career and life. The television show E entertainment is an example, where they actually brought the stalker on to interview his sick views on Clay Aiken. Talk about the insanity of it all. There are no words to express how sick the news media has become……….

    Sorry for the edit, however we are asking that the comments do not include any specific name. Thank you for understanding.

  3. Excellent article! Stalkers are frightening, and have been around for a very long time. The internet world of today is bringing more of them into the open and it’s frustrating they get away with it.
    I know what it’s like to be stalked, by someone I knew,a Vengeful Stalker fits the description. Receiving repeated threats of bullets with your name & kids names on them is beyond frightening. I still start to shake whenever I hear of anyone being stalked.

  4. Very interesting and frightening article. It is amazing to me that the media has become so completely irresponsible that the are willing to endanger a life just to print completely unfounded gossip. What scares me even more is that I believe they would love to see the stalker harm someone, because then they would have juicy gossip to write.

  5. I can only hope and pray that the laws are changed here in North Carolina to go after these stalkers. This guy stalking Clay Aiken scare me to death for the safety of Clay and his family. I wish people would stop believing everything they read in the media and that the media would get some balls and do some investigating before they print their garbage. I stopped buying magazine years ago.

  6. I believe the stalkers are dangerous and certainly Clay Aiken’s stalker is. He falls into the category of a:
    “A Delusional Stalker is usually a loner, unmarried, socially immature and does not possess the interpersonal skills to maintain friendships and relationships. They have had few if any sexual encounters. They most often choose victims that are unobtainable like a celebrity or a married woman, their doctor, teacher, nurse or therapist.”

  7. It’s never known just how mentally ill or unstable stalkers are, but many are a danger to their “prey”. If nothing else, it can disrupt their lives. Many choose to ignore and not give the stalker any attention. This is what Clay Aiken has done.

  8. chel4clay: “the media would get some balls and do some investigating before they print their garbage” That would probably put an end to some of the stalking. Outlets online, tabloid mags (& others) tv (like E!) feed these perverted people.

  9. Great article. Stalkers need to be stopped and I think all States need to have the same laws applied to them — especially when dealing with Internet Stalkers since the stalking crosses over from state to state. A stalker can live in one state, yet their victim(s) in another, but the laws from each state differ so much that the victim is not always protected. That needs to change.

    I am more appalled that the media has given a voice to Clay’s stalker as if he is someone that knows Clay. He doesn’t know him and never even met him, yet they take his word as fact. I think it says more about the so-called media than anything else. They look for sensationalism whether there is any truth to it or not.

    The sick, drug-induced, whacked out, deranged stalker that has followed Clay for 3+ years now has nothing in his life except his so-called blog which is just full of hate and complete LIES. Fabricated emails, a story that has changed more times than he probably changes his underwear, yet the media takes his word at things. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sick.

    Let’s all hope that laws will be available to all the victims and that stalkers are put away where they belong – and get a lot more than a slap on the wrist.

  10. Thank you for this well researched and written article. Education and awareness are the first steps in changing the laws to protect victims of stalking. Clay Aiken’s stalker is a very sick individual who has been spreading lies about him for years now. He needs to be stopped before he becomes even more dangerous.

  11. Unfortunately Clay Aiken’s stalker does not stop with his “stories” about Clay Aiken. He has now drug in both the Clay and the Adam Lambert fans. He has taken to posting things about some individual Clay fans. He’s also under the delusion that he has some type of relationship with Adam. Since several Clay fans also enjoy Adam, it is hoped they can get the word out in the Adam fandom about this stalker. Stalker is trying to promote fan wars and there really aren’t any, but he is working hard to make Adam fans think Clay fans are behind smearing of Adam. IT IS JUST NOT TRUE.

    • Yes, he’s trying to drag Adam into his web and I’m certain his can say Adam has nothing to do with stalker,

      Kallie……….I hate to edit, but we would prefer no specific names or links be included in any comments. Thanks for understanding.

  12. I, too, believe that all States should have the same laws on Stalkers – especially when they are internet Stalkers because it crosses over from State to State.

    I am aghast that the Media has gone along with this particular Stalker – and puts these stories out there as fact. I think that there is someone out there with a lot of influence, who is having this done.

    Clay Aiken’s stalker is a sick individual and has been spreading lies about him for years now. Lets hope some laws are passed so these stalkers can be put away where they belong.

  13. Wow, these are all scarey. With things like this that go on, it’s amazing that people “Want” to be celebrities.

  14. It is interesting to read all this information. Thank you for posting it.

    Too bad that Clay has a creepy stalker. He sounds pretty desperate.

  15. I wish the malice standard of law when it comes to celebrities in this country would be changed to
    like it is in the UK, it is easier for a celeb
    to sue in the UK as they don’t have to prove malice
    like they do over here.

    And yes stalking laws in all states need to be
    strengthened,changed or passed into law in
    those states that don’t have an anti-stalking law
    on the books.

    For a good book read on stalkers/stalking ect. I
    recommend the “Gift of Fear” by Gavin De Becker.

    Yep Clay’s stalker does fall under the category of

  16. Thanks for putting this information out there for all of us to read.

    At some time or another in our lives, it will affect someone we love, know, or one who we don’t actually know but have a great amount of our love and gratitude for being the wonderful person he is. No names need be mentioned as the fans of this site (of which I am a big fan)know exactly what it all about but nonethless it is good for us to know how it can affect other aspects of our life as well.

    Who has never had an obsessive ex (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife) that has caused us some distress at some point in our lives? If the answer is no, consider yourself very lucky.

    I think this is a very important message to get to all and one they should keep in mind in all facets of their lives.

  17. What an incredible amount of information contained in this blog! Thank you so much for all the effort and research you put into bringing this to the fans. Clay Aiken is just one of many celebrities who have suffered at the hands (keyboards) of a stalker. It is encouraging to read that there ARE legal steps that can be taken against this form of harrassment.

  18. I love getting all this information. Thank you.

    How sad that any celebrity has to endure a stalker.

    From what I have heard, Clay has had a stalker for many years. I wish that the stalker gets arrested and thrown in jail!!

  19. It is scary to think about a stalker. Any person could be a victim.

    It is too bad that this particular stalker is able to manipulate the press. Sad, indeed.

  20. As usual musicfan, your investigative blogs are top rate!

    Great information. Good job!!!

    Get that stalker some mental help…. he needs it!

  21. It is hard to imagine how annoying this guy must be.

    I enjoyed reading all the info you have here. You always seem to come up with great topics.

  22. Thank you for the informative article.

    Over the past 3-1/2 years, I have wondered why….when something good happens for Clay, whether it be an appearance on tv, new music, anything good…within 1 week, there would be negativity spewn everywhere… Now I know why… and it is so clear… His stalker has sent his blogs to places like PH, MSNBC, etc..they have picked them up, run with them, with no investigation..just print false crap… ever since Clay has left 19…???? Odd….

    I truly hope that Clay and his management team can do something to his stalker…To me he has spread lies which have been an assassination of Clay’s character, which is defimation of character. No one should be able to sit behind a computer and do this to anyone…

    We all know that Clay is a good man, of good character…and these lies this stalker spreads must come to an end…Once again…the victim gets attacked and the attacker gets away with it… Now that Clay has Parker…I hope something can be done…for their security, and peace of mind….. The time has come…as much as Clay has always thought, don’t acknowledge him, he will go away…..He is not going away..only getting worse…

    Thanks again for this wonderful article…and what a shame that people have to put up with this nonsense..


  23. This is really interesting. Stalkers certainly are dangerous!! I wonder why there are no federal laws to protect people from stalkers.

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