Clay Aiken – Are You Sleeping?

Clay Aiken learned early in his entertainment career that one must catch a snooze whenever possible. Tours, early morning TV shows and Broadway performances can make a regular sleep schedule almost impossible.  Add to the mix, jet lag and you have a mighty tired person.  Power naps seem to be the best solution to this problem.

Check out the following pictures of Clay Aiken doing his best to catch up on his sleep.  Then, vote for your favorite picture.  Be sure and let us know why you picked your favorite.













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20 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Are You Sleeping?

  1. Thx for posting these pics. 😀
    I love #1,#4,#5,#6 he’s so adorable, cool, and sexy!!!!
    I’ve never seen these before, i hope i could get to his house and catch-up all of what he doing and save all those pics on my comp!

  2. I love them all, especially #1 because it shows his handsome face to perfection.

    But I love #2 the best because it reflects the true friendship that he and Ruben share.

  3. Awwww these are sooooo CUTE!!!!

    Where are they from? What was he doing, or about to do when these were taken?

  4. I love #2. Clay and Rueben napping on the tour bus…
    I also love #1…what a nice dreamy pic of Clay…he looks so peaceful.

    #3 was when they were taping “This is the Night” video. He was exhausted.
    #4 That is from AI2
    #5 On his day off from the AI2 tour, he went to Washington to visit his idol Governor Tom Harkin (I believe that is his name, from NC)
    #6 I believe that is from AI2 as well.

    Seems Clay tries to nap as much as possible…I do remember they were constantly on the go at first…Poor guy..he was just exhausted.


  5. Awe, they are all so cute! I chose #1 because it was the first picture I managed to put on my desktop. A friend was over later and said to me – you really do love him don’t you!
    That was 6 years ago, and I love Clay Aiken more than ever.
    Thanks for the photos!

  6. I picked #1 as my favorite because he looks so comfy, cozy and peaceful. I’ve always liked #2 because it is totally representative of his close friendship with Ruben.

  7. I love them all, but I voted for #1 because he looks like he’s having a wonderful dream…I love the smile on his face!!

    My second fave is #5 because he just looks so pitiful and of course #2 ranks right up there too because it really highlights the closeness of his friendship with Ruben.

  8. I love them all cause they show our sleepy Clay, but #1 is just so sweet, can’t resist that one at all.

  9. I love them all but I voted for #5 because I remember watching it on TV and he was snoring, it was so cute!!
    Poor guy he was so tired.

    Thanks CANN for the wonderful pics.

  10. I absolutely adore all of them, but I just had to choose #1, because the beauty is beyond words.
    #2 is one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen.
    #5 realldy does make me giggle every time I remember the situation… lol
    But they’re all too cute for words.
    Aw, Clay…

  11. I love them all. But I just had to pick #3 because he looks so adorable and he is really konked out. That was after he made the This Is The Night Video. He just sat right down on the floor and leaned his head on that chair and said “Heck, if there not coming back I’m going to sleep.” and that’s what he did.

  12. Awww……..too cute. It was really hard to pic one. He just looks so sweet and vulnerable when he is sleeping. Clay Aiken are you sleeping??

  13. I was torn between #2 because it showed the deep friendship & trust between Clay & Ruben, & #5 because it showed that Clay was already working to further his cause, advocating for Inclusion, during AI2’s Summer Tour. He was catching 40 winks while waiting to meet with some members of Congress. Actually, they are ALL ADORKABLE!!!

  14. My favorite is #2. I just thought it was really cute that Clay and Ruben were comfortable to be sleeping anywhere and that it shows what good buddies they are.

  15. #1 is beautiful and innocent that goes without saying, but I couldn’t resist voting for #2. The 2 fierce competitors, as the media wanted everyone to believe. I guess one picture speaks louder than a thousand words, or however the saying goes. I love that picture though, because it does tell the whole story.

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