Clay Aiken – Are You Wearing A Hoodie?

How many “Hoodies” does Clay Aiken own??  It seems that he has an unending supply.  For many years, fans have supplied Clay with the colorful, warm sweatshirts and it seems that they are a very popular part of his casual wardrobe.  If we posted a picture of every “Hoodie”, the blog would go on for ever and ever.  So……..some have been chosen to represent Clay’s favorite outerwear.  Do you see a familiar one?  Which one do you like??










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33 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Are You Wearing A Hoodie?

  1. OMG…I love Clay in his hoodies. I especially like him in his sexy blond hair in #5. That’s why I voted for that one. He looks good in all colors of hair…but that blond was sooo gorgeous. I have no idea how many hoodies he has…but I’ll bet it LOTS!!

  2. I’d love to see Clay wearing an Illini hoodie someday. But in the meantime, he definitely looks good in Carolina blue!

  3. I love Clay Aiken and all his hoodies!!! It was hard to pick a favorite because I think he looks great in all of them!!!

  4. I love every last hoodie that Clay Aiken wears 🙂 but I had to pick one so I did (and it’s a secret)

  5. I love Clay in his hoodies! But I think he looks the best in UCONN blue. Actually, he looks great no matter what he wears!!

  6. Well I had to vote for a Carolina one, haven’t seen Clay Aiken in an NC State one yet. But I do like Clay in blues or darker colors. He just looks good period.

  7. There are “hoodies” in the pics?? Seriously,

    DEFINITELY #4! Clay Aiken in white? .. Then there’s the light blue one… then there’s…

  8. Will it let me vote 1 through 5?
    Clay Aiken may have a hoodie for every university the fans are involved with.
    Now I have to choose………..

  9. I love Clay Aiken and his hoodies. Just pray for the day he wears the one I gave him. It’s from the University of Washington.

  10. I love all Clay Aiken’s hoodie’s. I took Parker one at the last Spam show. It looks just like the Carolina blue one in pic # 5.

  11. All right! I just realized not only do we have pics, we have “rotating” Clay Aiken performances!! (Or is it my imagination that first I saw one of my favorite performances of Sorry seems to be the hardest word then when I refreshed saw OMWH??

  12. It’s not your imagination! I just saw Clay singing these Open arms and now have OMWH. It’s a plethora of Clay!

  13. Love #2 hoodie picture. Can you imagine how much Clay Aiken could raise for BAF if we could bid on some of his hoodies? He has soooo many I doubt he would 2 or 3. Clay = hoodies, hoodies = Clay Aiken.

  14. I love Clay Aiken in hoodies. He probably has enough to open a second hand shop from the many he received as gifts from fans! LOL

  15. Cute poll but Clay Aiken looks good in anything! Also LOVED the daily quote for today. He is not just a pretty face!

  16. I LOVE Clay Aiken in the white Carolina hoodie and in the light blue Caroline hoodie.

    Beyond that, I just LOVE him. Period.

  17. So hard to choose!!! Love him no matter what he is wearing. So many fond memories of him at the stage door after Spamalot wearing his trademark hoodies.

    I voted for #5. He is wearing that hoodie in one of my avis.

  18. Love all the pictures, but I have to vote for #5. It’s not so much the hoodie, but the look of joy on Clay’s face. I love it!!

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