Clay Aiken – Answers His Fans

Clay is on-line at his fan club,

answering fans questions!!

Good to have him back!!

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Answers His Fans

  1. Clay Aiken’s snark and sense of humor really shines in some of his answers today. The story about performing in Oklahoma and ending with “Oh the irony!!” Hilarious

  2. Clay Aiken is so very very very funny!!!

    Can’t wait to hear his news (hopefully it’ll be soon and that would be MY soon)

    • Hi, I received an email saying Clay was answering questions at his website, but I can’t figure out how to get there. I probably missed it. Can you please tell me how? By the way, I watch your videos on youtube and I love them. Thank you very much, Cathie

        • Thank you Sue. I found it yesterday. I read it all and got a crick in my neck cuz I couldn’t stop. It was wonderful, wasn’t it. I just wish I had seen it live? Is there a way to know ahead of time that he will be there? Oh, by the way, all those videos you have on youtube, do you sell dvd’s of his concerts? I bought some on ebay years ago and love it! I have the Raleigh evening, jukebox tour in Vermont, Clay and Kelly (I believe the Independent Tour) and American Idol II Pferformances & Finale…I would like to find more recent footage, like with his long hair. Isn’t his sense of humor wonderful! I could watch him all day long and not get tired…just love him more. Hmmmmmmmm, i just thought of something, I’ll have to look at the Jukebox dvd and see if it’s what he’s looking for. But knowing Claymates, he probably already received it the same night he asked for it, huh LOL! Looking forward to hearing from you and thanx again, Cathie P.S. – Have you heard any news about Clay in concert?

  3. I love it when Clay Aiken gets online to answer questions! He can change from serious to funny in a flash.

  4. He is so funny and so so so smart….I love that man. Can’t wait for the news he won’t tell us about. LOL.

  5. I love when he answers questions…it just brightens up my day. He is so funny. Can’t wait to find out what his news is. He likes to tease us I think. That’s alright…he’s adorable anyway.

  6. That brightened my day yesterday. I loved several of Clay’s answers. I hope he’s back again before too long. (Didn’t want to say “soon.”) Ha Ha

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