Clay Aiken Makes Wildest Dreams Come True

Have you ever had your wildest dreams come true?  Back in May of 2005, Oprah Winfrey made it possible for some people to see their dreams fulfilled.

Oprah’s Wildest Dreams show was filmed during the May sweeps and Clay Aiken was a big part of the show.

Clay made a dream come true for Britney and Bethany Wekesser who were seniors at Lincoln East High School. Clay sang an acoustic version of “I Will Carry You” with S’Von on the piano and Andy Abad on the guitar.  Derek Jeter and Ty Pennington are also featured in segments of the show.

Britney and Bethany were in their morning classes and unaware that anything special was about to happen.  During their 3rd period Spanish class, the Oprah Winfrey Wildest Dreams bus pulled up to the school and a camera crew entered the classroom.

The entire class was asked to come down to the front of the school and they were joined by another group of students from another class.  When the camera crew went outside, the students saw the bus and anticipated seeing Oprah walk through the door.  Instead, Clay Aiken walked in and the Wekesser twins were thrilled.  Clay was there to invite the girls to come to Chicago for a taping of the show.

The students all asked to hear Clay sing and he sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” in an impromptu concert.  One of the students said:

I love Clay Aiken.  He is an awesome singer.  He should have won American Idol.

Karen Wekesser is the mother of the twins and she said the girls called her Monday morning at work and said, “You just won’t believe what happened.”

“I don’t know anything other than something big just happened,” Karen Wekesser said, adding she had been told not to talk about it.

She said she believed the sisters were to go to Chicago next week.

The mother said her daughters were big Oprah fans and had followed Clay Aikens’ career on American Idol and after.  They were big fans!!

What an awesome time the girls must have had.  The twins, who were honor roll students, had no idea that some of their friends had sent their names into the Oprah show.  But they were glad that their wildest dreams were coming true.

This program was re-broadcast on July 19, 2006

There are 5 videos that show Clay and his role in the Wildest Dreams Show.  I hope you enjoy them.

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Makes Wildest Dreams Come True

  1. I just love how Clay sang "I Will Carry You" on the Oprah show. Gorgeous! I wish Oprah would feature Clay on her show again.

  2. Thanks for showing all the clips from Oprah, Musicfan.

    I love how Clay just gets in there, just talks off the top of his head…He can do it so easy in front of people. But I guess being a teacher..that is what you have to do…He is so good at it.

    I love watching these over again….I’m glad these didn’t get lost….Clay has done so many things over the years……


  3. That was so much fun!!!

    What a great way to start of a Sunday – Clay Aiken and wildest dreams come true!

  4. Great Blog musicfan. I love good Clay Aiken memories. I had forgotten about this appearance. I hope Clay is on Oprah's show again one day.

  5. I can remember watching that show..and I thought wow, two sexy guys together at the end of the show..Ty and Clay. I loved how he sang I Will Carry You. That was a beautiful rendition. I would love for Oprah to have him on her show again.

  6. Musicfan,

    Thank you for another wonderful Clay Aiken memory! You and the CANN staff do an excellent job hitting anniversary dates and providing us with such awesome video rewinds.

    Thank you for your lovely remarks in the xxx4clay blog. Have a great week!


  7. I love reliving all this stuff! I always enjoy everything you blog about Clay!

    Where are you Clay? We miss you!

  8. Thanks for writing about this. Clay was in Lincoln Ne and I live in Omaha Ne about 60 miles away.I was so wishing I could have been there. I was glad Oprah had Clay on her show. I hope she has him on there again. Clay makes alot of dreams come true!

  9. I hope we see Clay on Oprah again. Actually, I am looking forward to seeing Clay on any TV show!!

    Thanks for the videos. I love the walks down memory lane!!

  10. Wow. Does that take me back to an unforgettable day! All kinds of fun here in Lincoln! *sings* The wheels on the bus go round and round… all around the town! : )

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