Clay Aiken – Sorry!!

On Clay Aiken’s third studio album, he sang a song called “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.”

According to Sorry means:

  1. full of sorrow, pity, or sympathy: also used as an expression of apology or mild regret
    1. inferior in worth or quality; poor a sorry exhibit
    2. wretched; miserable a sorry tenement

Well, it is my time to say “I’m Sorry.”  I have family visiting for the holiday week-end and  somehow no blog was written for July 5th.

However,  Clay always comes to the rescue.  The following video is a great recording of Clay singing this beautiful song.  Plus, you can never go wrong with a great picture of Clay.  Don’t worry!  You won’t be sorry if you watch the video!!


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  1. It was a holiday! I hope you enjoyed the day off! My goodness, he can tear out your heart when he sings like this!

  2. I’m never sorry when he sings SSTBTHW. I’ve loved that particular song ever since ATDW came out. Not only does he look sexy as He** in the video…but when he sings like that I just melt into a puddle of goo. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  3. You give us such great info on Clay, no need to be sorry you were enjoying a holiday. Thanks for the video-he is one class act.

  4. ((( musicfan ))) hope you had a wonderful time!!

    and that’s a-okay, any time I can hear/watch Clay Aiken singing it’s a great day!

  5. No need to be sorry it was a holiday-I hope you enjoyed the day!

    This is one of my favorites on cover songs. Clay looks so sexy on this video…and that voice is soooo beautiful!!

    thanks CANN

  6. I truly forget how much I love that song until I hear him sing it . Then , quick as a wink , I’m a goner . Again .

  7. Wah! Clay sings this so beautifully, everytime I hear it I get teary. That doesn’t happen with others who have sang it.
    A favourite song and video, thanks!

  8. Musicfan…I hope you had a great holiday…and glad you took the day off for family…after all…it’s what it is all about…..

    Thanks for the video of Clay singing SSTBTHW….I love that track on ATDW…..As you watch the video with the guitar…Clay just gets lost in the music…I love it…


  9. Thanks for the gorgeous video. I could just spend every minute watching and hearing Clay sing. xoxox
    You do so much for us, no apology needed whatsoever. I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend.

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