Clay Aiken – Summer Time

According to the Gregorian calendar, July is the seventh month. On the Roman calendar, it was the fifth month and it was called ‘Quintilis’, meaning ‘fifth’.

Julius Ceasar gave the month 31 days in 46 B.C. The Roman Senate named it ‘Julius’, in honor of Caesar.

The premier holiday of the summer season in the United States is Independence Day, commemorated on July 4th. On July 4th in 1776 the United States declared its independence from England. The day is celebrated with parades, activities, and almost invariably by fireworks.

Several other countries also celebrate similar national holidays during this month.

The Canadians celebrate their more peaceful separation from Britain on the 1st of July.

In France, a similar holiday, Bastille Day, occurs on July 14.

  • The Ruby is the gem for July.
  • The water lily is the flower for the month of July.


July has always been an eventful month for Clay Aiken.

  1. Toured in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007
  2. Helped open Wachovia Bank in NY  2003
  3. Represented the American Film Institute Washington DC  2003
  4. Sang in Washington DC for A Capitol Fourth  2004
  5. Presented the Disney Teacher Award  2004
  6. Official Fan Club opened and Clay wrote his 1st blog  2005
  7. ET: America’s Favorite Stars  #5   2006
  8. UNICEF trip to Somalia and Kenya  2008
  9. Survival Project for UNICEF


July 2009……….Well, nothing has been announced yet.  Perhaps this will be the month we hear about Clay’s professional plans.

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Summer Time

  1. Happy CANADA DAY to all Claynadians and friends around the world!!
    Sure would love to see and hear Clay Aiken sing O Canada for us again 🙂

  2. Happy July to all those who are celebrating a holiday this month. I hope we hear something from Clay Aiken this month about what is next in this amazing journey. But – if it’s not the appropriate time for any announcements yet,I’ll be here waiting! I adore that man!

  3. I miss Clay..and I know he will return to us when things are in place…. I just hope he is enjoying that precious child of his right now….I’m not going anywhere… Clay is so worth the wait…


  4. Dear Clay, I hope at this time you are constantly working on that beautiful voice. I noticed at the David Foster tribute your voice was not up to par. There were a couple of cracks in your voice. I have been a fan since American Idol. I will always be a fan. In the business of show business people soon forget. Being a former singer myself, working with such people as Merv Griffin, Don Rickles and many more I left the business because I could not take critisizm. I am a married women with two beautiful children. I am very happy but will always regret not continuing. Iam only mentioning this because of my experience. Hope you see this clay.

    • I really doubt that Clay will see your message here. You are more likely to have him read your message if you post it on the official fan club message board. In any case, I would have to disagree with you about his voice. Considering the fact that he was still recovering from rather serious surgery to his jaw, he sang fantastic. Heck, I think it was just as good as before his surgery. I also think it is a bit presumptuous to assume that he is not either working on his voice or his career. From what he has said recently, I have no doubt he is actively working on his career… even if we don’t know what it exactly is at the moment.

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