Clay Aiken Talks To Ellen

Way back on November, 2003, Clay Aiken visited the Ellen Show.   He had a great sit-down interview with Ellen.  Who can forget Clay Aiken showing the audience his underwear!!!

I found this video of the interview on YouTube  and I thought you might enjoy seeing it.    I had forgotten how kind and caring Ellen was and how young Clay looked.  I hope Clay has the opportunity to visit with her again on her show.


Check out   clayaikenjourney for a video of Clay singing Invisible on Ellen.

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Talks To Ellen

  1. I remember watching this….

    It would be nice for Clay to go back on Ellen’s and have a great talk about so much….It would be so interesting…from both of their perspectives……

    Thanks musicfan….loved watching the video over again.


  2. I loved this interview, Ellen was very nice to Clay and Clay Aiken just continued to be sweet man that he is.

    I agree Judy, I would love to see Clay go back on Ellen’s show – I think it would be a very interesting (and very funny) interview.

  3. What a wonderful walk down memory lane!! I loved this interview!!! Can’t wait to see Clay on my t.v. again !!!

  4. I enjoyed watching that again. Ellen is always so nice. I would definately like to see him back on her show again. I wonder why he never did appear again. She was right about one thing: Everyone sure does try to take a piece of him. Thanks for that video.

  5. That was such a great interview and performance by Clay Aiken on Ellen! I hope he hurries up and gets back to recording and performing so that we might see him back there soon!

  6. I’ve always hoped Clay’d be back on Ellen. It’s a fun show and perfect for Clay who can be a hoot in his interviews.

  7. Wow…..its been a while since I have seen this video. What great memories.

    OK, Clay………we need to see you!!

    Thank you to CANN for another interesting blog!!

  8. Have always loved this interview with Clay Aiken and Ellen. Would love to see him back on her show again.

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