Clay Aiken – Welcome To Rupp Arena

It was Monday, July 12, 2004 and it was hot in Lexington, Kentucky.  But, Clay Aiken fans didn’t seem to mind.  They were on their way to the Rupp Arena to see a fabulous concert by Clay Aiken.

Dubbed the “Solo -Not A Tour”, Clay and his ensemble of talented musicians were performing their fourth concert of the 48 city tour that ran from July 8th to October 18th.

Clay started the concert by emerging from a set of stairs that some fans lovingly called the”Mothership.”  Singing The Streets Have No Name, he stunned the audience with his fabulous voice and handsome looks.

The concert tour was a huge success, but was not without some risks.  Clay took some chances with this tour and made it his own.

First, there was the discussion about Clay singing You Were There.  Some fans thought it was beautiful while some wondered if it was a wise move.  Then there was Clay’s unique choice of outfits each night……to most, it was endearing!!  Finally, it took a lot of confidence for Clay to sing Solitaire as his encore.  That song is vocally one of the most difficult songs to sing.  Yet, Clay had the ability to make it wonderful each night after singing an entire concert.

The “Not-A-Tour” introduced a new person to the audience.  Clay seemed to be a man full of pride and joy and self-confidence.  As he sang, he worked the audience and used the entire stage as his platform.   His stage presence was filled with confidence, humor, charisma, emotion and passion.  By the time the concert was over, the audience was totally spent.  It was that good!!!

I chose 3 videos to accompany this article.  They only give a taste of the tour, but they really show the talent and excitement of the tour.  Thank goodness for CLACK!!



I Survived You




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  1. I absolutely loved the “Not A Tour” tour….it was fantastic…. I was able to go to Michigan, at Clio, to see it. My friends and I had a road trip, which was a 6 hour trip one way to see Clay….and would do it again in a heartbeat….. I loved “You Were There” was truly Clay…it is who he is… song of a glimpse of the spiritual man that Clay is….. that song had me in tears……
    Clay’s concerts are always so emotional..from the excitement of knowing Clay will be on stage in a moment…to heartfelt songs that bring tears of emotion, to funny banter, upbeat songs…..that have you on your feet….He captures everything… I love these memories…they are fantastic…but the best part is…I know we will go through all of this again when Clay tours…It’s what he does best!!!!


  2. I was there. I lucked up and got a single ticket on the front row right by the catwalk. It was truly an exciting night. That was such a wonderful show. I wish he’d do something like that again.

  3. 🙁 yet another tour I missed out on *sniff*

    I am so thankful to the clack gatherers so that I can relive these wonderful tours!!! Looking forward to making some new tour memories with Mr. Clay Aiken!

  4. I need another tour!! When he’s on stage, he’s in his element and he’s one of those rare performers who’s concert you will never forget.

  5. Thanks to fabulous clack takers I had the opportunity to see this awesome tour of Clay Aiken’s. It’s the one I upgraded my dial-up to high-speed cable–the thing I always said I had no use for, LOL. That was in the days before Clay 🙂

  6. OH………I loved this tour. I loved hearing CLay Aiken sing his songs and play with the audience. He is so much fun in concert. I can’t wait until he tours again.

  7. I didn’t get to go to the tour, but I watched tons of clack. Clay Aiken is the ultimate entertainer IMO. From the time he walks out on the stage till the time he leaves, he holds the audience in the palm of his hand. I can’t wait till he tours again!

  8. Ohhhh, thanks for the memories. As exciting as these are to watch, seeing him live, in person, on that stage is so freaking amazing that words cannot describe it!

    Maaaaaan, we need another tour like RIGHT NOW!!! I’d be there in a heartbeat.

  9. This NAT was my very first (of many) Clay Aiken concerts. Saw it in Kingston, RI just 10 minutes from my house. And after that, I made sure to never miss another concert. Wish he would come back–it was sold out. The only other time that the venue at URI has sold out was for “The Wiggles!”

  10. Watching those video’s was soooo amazing. They rocked! I didn’t make it to the NAT…but I d/l all of them. What an entertainer…and so handsome and sexy up there on that stage. I know he will tour again…and I will be right there. Can’t wait!!

  11. What fun that was watching those videos. I can’t wait until Clay Aiken is back on the road again. That was a rockin tour and I was there!!

  12. I didn’t get a chance to see the Solo Tour in person, but have watched it over and over through all the wonderful clack! (Huge thank-you to all those who gather the clack!!)
    Clay Aiken definitely knows how to put on a show, and I can’t wait till he goes on tour again!

  13. I loved the NAT, it was so exciting to see Clay come out as the steps raised above his head. My first concert was at the NAT. Wonderful times.

  14. I didn’t get to the Kentucky show, but I did see him in Tennessee and he was great! What fun that was. Clay Aiken sure knows how to put on a good concert.

  15. I loved that tour! I remember the excitement of being in the first row and hearing WTSHNN music begin and just waiting for Clay Aiken to appear. The audience went absolutely crazy and we stood and screamed the whole time. Can’t wait to have that experience again soon!

  16. Loved, loved, loved this trip down memory lane! I travelled both to Albany, New York, and to Raleigh for this concert and we had a huge group from the RCA board in Raleigh. The videos were great and really took me back in time.

    Ready to roll at a moment’s notice!

    Thanks CANN.

  17. I loved this tour. It was the first time I got see Clay from the front row. It was on the side but that was closer then I’d ever been before. I miss him so much. Thank goodness for Clack, but I’m longing to see him in person again. There’s nothing like seeing Clay Aiken Live.

  18. Not-A-Tour……….How did it get that name??

    Clay is magical on the stage and I love watching the videos.

    Thanks for always having interesting things at CANN

  19. Be still my heart. shyeyewitness and I were there, fifth row by the catwalk. Remember the catwalk? Sigh. That night was the first time I was that close to Clay and was totally bowled over by how gorgeous the man is. He truly is luminous and his features are perfection. And he moves like a cat.

  20. WOW………..I wish I had been able to attend this tour. But, at least there are videos.

    I wonder if Clay knows how much we miss him?? We need a tour!!!

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