Scanning The World For Clay Aiken

It’s a mystery that has not been solved.  No one even has a hint.  The answer has not been found.  What is the mystery??  It is the whereabouts of superstar, Clay Aiken.

CANN sent their crack team of detectives to the far corners of the world, trying to find the answer.  They were given a few strict rules to follow if Clay was found……….no staring, no asking for autographs and no flash cameras, and most important…….only report back to CANN and its readers.  The following photographs were received today.  What do you think?  Did we solve the mystery??

A big thank you to SueReu for the great pictures and the video below.  We are so lucky that she shares her talents with us.  The video is fun!!

I hope that everyone knows that this blog today is in jest.  We are the first to agree that Clay Aiken deserves a break.  I hope he is having a wonderful time wherever he is!!

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28 thoughts on “Scanning The World For Clay Aiken

  1. Yup….it’s a mystery….

    Maybe all of the above….he must have forgotten his suitcase, cause he’s wearing the same clothes on his around the world trip…..hahahahaha

    I too hope he is having enjoying himself on this break, and recovering nicely…that is what is important.


  2. but he’s got his phone, the most important accessory!!!

    Thanks musicfan for the fun article!!! I am still wondering where in the world is Clay Aiken (my pick is The Grand Canyon)

  3. The video and blog are very cute! I don’t know where all the ideas come from for this blog, but it’s always interesting. Sometimes just fun stuff and sometime serious stuff. A nice mix of topics.

  4. Musicfan……….another great blog. You come up with such diverse topics. “Friday Lite” is so funny!!

    SueReu… pictures!!

    I love visitng here.

    Clay…..we are trying to be patient!!

  5. Clay Aiken must have a great cell phone company!!!
    He has service no matter where he goes!!
    Thanks for the fun blog, makes the waiting time go faster!

  6. Well, we do know that Clay Aiken is a world traveler, but he has to come back to us sometime soon. I hope he misses our love and laughter as much as we miss him singing and joking with us. Clay, where are you? Come back to us sooooon. Great blog and pictures.

  7. Great blog and pictures of Clay Aiken. I always enjoy what you gals come up with. Keep up the good work. Hopefully he’ll be back soon or should I say shortly.

  8. This is really cute!

    Musicfan…..where do you get the ideas for all these blogs?? I love coming here each day and getting something new. Sometimes it is serious and sometimes its just pure fun.

    If anyone finds Clay, please let him know that we miss him.

    Sue…..great pictures!!!

  9. Cute! I think he only has one set of clothes because someone else borrowed them for a trip to France.


  10. Where ever Clay Aiken is, I hope he is having a blast!! Hope he also knows that we all miss him and are right here waiting to hear what he has planned next for us.

  11. I loved the blog and montage-you two are so creative. I am so glad there are fans like you around to think of creative ways to entertain us

    I loved the blog and video-so creative! I am so glad there are fans like you who keep our spirits up while we have no Clay news. Thanks so much!

  12. Excellent post, lots of fun. Everyone has been missing Clay lately, it’s hard to let him go sometimes. I hope he’s enjoying himself, having a very relaxing time, and we’ll hear good news soon! 🙂

  13. This is a real kick!! You guys come up with some good things. Its a great place to visit.

    Does Clay have any idea what you do here? I bet he would like it if he saw it.

    I got a good laugh today. Thank you!

  14. I love it! You guys come up with some interesting things here. I really appreciate it because it makes time go by faster during our drought.

    I also loved the montage. Clay sure has traveled to a lot of places…and I might add…he looks gorgeous. Clay…Call me!!!

  15. Well, while Clay is still in hiding you guys are doing a great job here.

    Great blog Musicfan very fun. Love the video and beautiful pictures Sue.


  16. Musicfan and SueReu,

    What an enjoyable search you have taken Clay Aiken fans on! Hope we find him soon!

    Thank you both for your kind remarks and birthday wishes in the Carolina blog. Have a wonderful weekend!


  17. Loved the montage!!! Great job sue putting this together!

    I LOVE VISITING HERE!! It’s like a wonderful buffet of goodies..Thanks for the fun and enjoyment..

  18. Sorry about the double post in one- I thought the first one was gone and wrote another one-well you know I loved it this way I guess!

  19. I miss him and the waiting is hard. I hope he’s making plans and re-energizing for something big.

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