Clay Aiken – “It’s In Every One Of Us”

David Pomeranz is one of the most successful and prolific songwriters and recording artists on the scene today. His songs and recordings have sold over 35 million copies worldwide and his musical projects have earned him a total of 18 Gold and 22 Platinum records. Billboard Magazine has referred to him as, “One of our finer voices…”and his concerts have delighted and inspired millions all over the world.

In 2008, Clay Aiken released a beautiful version of David’s classic song, “It’s In Every One Of Us” as a bonus track to launch his new album, “On My Way Here” on RCA.   “It’s In Every One Of Us” has been translated into numerous languages and its heartfelt message of hope is sung all over the world.

Some of the  artists who have recorded and/or performed David’s songs include Clay Aiken, Bette Midler, Richie Sambora (of Bon Jovi), Kenny Loggins, Freddie Mercury, Cliff Richard, Anna Nalik, Grover Washington Jr., Richard Marx, The Carpenters, Isaac Hayes, Phoebe Snow, Dennis DeYoung (of Styx), Hubert Laws, John Denver, Kenny Rogers, Harry Belafonte, Leo Sayer, The Muppets, Glen Campbell, The Hollies, Lea Salonga, Kathie Lee Gifford, Andrea Marcovicci, Cleo Laine and many more. In 2002, Missy Elliott sampled David’s music for her hit single, “One Minute Man” (Elektra) which went to the top of the Billboard Charts.

David has his hand in all fields of music. Besides being an active concert performer, David has written many songs for movies.  David’s recent composition, “The Art Of The Soul”, was featured in the 2008 Motion Picture Documentary, “As Seen Through These Eyes.” The film, narrated by Maya Anjelou, is produced by the Sundance Channel.

An Emmy Nominee for his song work on Television, David has contributed songs for scores of Series’ and Specials including, “Boston Legal” and “Will And Grace.”

From 1986-1992, David’s was the voice heard each week singing the theme to the hit series,Perfect Strangers

David is presently at work composing the score, in collaboration with Book Writers Joseph Stein (“Fiddler On The Roof”) and Jenny Lynn Bader, and lyricist Barry Harman (“Romance/Romance”) for a new Broadway-bound musical comedy.

“It’s In Everyone of Us” is a beautiful song.  We are fortunate that David wrote the song and lucky that Clay Aiken was able to record it!

It’s in everyone of us
To be wise
Find your heart
Open up both your eyes,
We can all know everything
Without ever knowing why,
It’s in everyone of us
By and by
It’s in everyone of us
To be wise,
Find your heart
Open up both your eyes,
We can all know everything
Without ever knowing why,
It’s in everyone of us
By and by

LovesClaysVoice put together a beautiful montage using  “It’s In Every One Of Us”   Enjoy!



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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “It’s In Every One Of Us”

  1. I love “It’s In Everyone of Us”.

    I was watching a movie on Friday night called “Big” with Tom Hanks…I haven’t seen it in years. As I’m watching it…in the background I can hear this song that sounds so familiar, but it’s an instrumental.. All of a sudden it hits me….it was “It’s in Everyone of Us”…. I didn’t realize that song was in that movie… I got so excited…. Then I went and played Clay’s version…and my God…He just sings it fantastic.

    Interesting about David P. I had never heard of him before…We sure are learing a lot about the music industry…it’s great..thanks Musicfan…


  2. What a beautiful song. Clay’s interpretation is SO lovely. How lucky we are to have such wonderful montage makers as LCV to bring us Clay pics to go with his gorgeous voice. Not to mention this GREAT site!

  3. Lovely song and beautiful montage (THANKS LCV!!!)

    Thank you for the information about David Pomeranz. The name has always been familiar to me, now I know why. Clay Aiken also has a connection with Perfect Strangers 😀

  4. Thanks for the info on David Pomeranz! Who knew he wrote It’s In Every One Of Us and sang the Perfect Strangers theme song! Small world! I love that song and I love Clay singing it even more! Thanks for including my montage!!!

    • Thank you for the delightful montage and to Musicfan, thanks for all your hard work and research on the blog.New fans like me appreciate the chance to learn more about Clay the man and Clay the singer.Love and many thanks again

  5. I LOVE this song by Clay Aiken – It truly is in everyone of us to do what we can for numerous tasks in the lifetime in order to secure the future for all children, strife, pain, hunger, inclusion — all these things Clay has made every effort to become a part of those “that do” rather than those “that talk”.

    I’m very proud of him.

  6. David Pomeranz is a very familiar name to me, from TV and movie credits etc. I knew he was in the music business but sure didn’t know how much. Thanks Musicfan, I’m loving these informative blogs.

    Clay Aiken’s version of It’s in Every One Of Us is awesome, for sure another of my favourites from OMWH bonus. It should have been on the main CD!

  7. Thank you for the background on “It’s In Every One Of Us”. David Pomeranz is very talented! I love the video. Perfect in every way.

  8. Great blog Musicfan. You teach us so much.

    Kudos to LCV for the beautiful montage set to that ultra beautiful song. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the CD with the bonus as I think it was on the WalMart one or something. It is so awesome. I’ll have to try to find it. WalMart in Canada didn’t bother carrying it …. dumb Canadians! 😉

  9. Thank you for that lovely montage with Clay singing “It’s In Every One Of Us.” It seems like David Pomeranz is very popular and talented. I, also, didn’t know he sang the song from “Perfect Strangers.” It’s a small world. I always enjoy this site…always something interesting and informative.

  10. This song is wonderful. I had almost forgotten about it.

    David Pomeranz sounds like a talented and caring person. I will have to see if I can download something from him on iTunes.

    I always love that you give us information along with the pictures and video.

  11. Very informative blog, and very interesting as well; I hadn’t heard of David Pomeranz before, he certainly is talented – I love the song It’s in every one of us, particularly sung by Clay Aiken. Such a beautiful song, it could easily be the signature song of Clay’s newly name charity – National Inclusion Project.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog; I absolutely make it a priority to check here each day.

  12. The Perfect Strangers theme song is a funny connection between Clay Aiken and David Pomeranz. That was the song Clay said he first sang for the producers of AI when he auditioned for them. And, I believe, they asked him to sing another song!! And, speaking of Idol, I think “It’s In Every One of Us” is a beautiful song that would have been perfect for Idol Gives Back or a similar show!

  13. I love it’s in every one of us. It is a beautiful song, but because I live in Canada I didn’t get the CD with the bonus song.
    Also loved the montage. thanks CANN!!!

  14. There is so much information on this blog –everything from Clay news to music industry news and it seems like there is always something new to learn when you read here. Kudos to those who work so hard to keep this blog fresh and worth reading!

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