Clay Aiken Meets Flat Clay

Flat Clay made a surprise appearance on August 3, 2007.  He was the center of attention as he stood straight in the window of a hotel room, looking down at the audience, the orchestra and……..Clay Aiken.

The Pala Casino Resort and Spa was the backdrop for this interesting meeting of Clays.  Just north-east of San Diego, Pala is one of the largest casinos and resort hotels in all of Southern California.

Clay was in the middle of his summer tour, nicknamed the “Soft Rock and A Hard Place” and was at Pala for the second of a four concert series in Southern California.

The setting for the concert at Pala was outside.  The 2000 plus audience was in folding chairs and was surrounded on two sides by the large hotel.  The rooms looked right out onto the concert area.

At one time in the concert, Clay joked that there were people “stealing” his concert by watching from their rooms.  Angela and Quiana were looking up too and noticed Flat Clay.  Real Clay was amused and joked about the cardboard cut-out that was keeping watch in a window on one of the top floors.  Someone in the audience told Clay that Flat Clay went everywhere with her.  Clay asked how he fit in the car and laughed when he found out he was folded in half and shoved in the trunk.

The next song on the playlist was “When I See You Smile” and Clay had fun singing it to Flat Clay…….it was almost a Love serenade.  The audience was laughing and so was Clay!!

The Pala concert was wonderful.  The setting was beautiful and the performance was incredible.  Clay and his back-up singers were outstanding and the orchestra provided a professional backing for Clay.  The fans in attendance felt it was one of the best concerts of the summer.

The next day, the tour traveled up to Los Angeles to perform at the famous Greek Theater in the Hollywood Hills.  I am a bit prejudice about this concert as my husband and I were in the front row, exactly in the middle.  I will always remember this concert fondly.

The weather was warm and Clay and the other performers commented that it was pretty hot.  Clay chatted with the audience and seemed to enjoy the gorgeous setting of the theater.  My favorite part of the concert was the TV Medley.  The entire audience was laughing and enjoying the silly songs.

The audience was loud, supportive and gave more than one standing ovation to the performers.  But when Clay sang “Lover All Alone”, you could have heard a pin drop in the audience.  The cellist that night was particularly good and the entire song was amazing.

I didn’t see Flat Clay that night.  He must have stayed in the trunk!!

We have some great videos of these two concerts. Thank you to the wonderful people who provide the wonderful “clack.”

Pala Banter and WISYS


LA Banter and Perfect Strangers


LA – TV Medley


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27 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Meets Flat Clay

  1. I was at BOTH of those Clay Aiken concerts!!!! I loved The Greek, but Pala was by far my favorite!!!

    Favorite Memories: Pala would have to be Flat Clay, too funny. The Greek had to be when he came into the audience and tried to get his mom to sing during The Way You Make Me Feel – that was a priceless moment.

    Thanks musicfan!!!

  2. Clay Aiken singing “When I See You Smile” was hilarious! One of my favourite segments of clack from the tour.
    Someday I hope to see him in person, I can only imagine how thrilling a concert like this would be 🙂

  3. O.M.G. I feel like I’ve really been entertained after watching those three video’s. There just ain’t no one like Clay Aiken. I was laughing so much in those video’s..I almost choked. He is soooo funny. I don’t know about anyone else..but I always loved the TV Theme songs. Especially the Jefferson one where he danced. All I got to say is: Clay..Bring It On!

  4. I WAS AT PALA! It was my birthday gift to myself! I LOVED flat Clay and him singing to himself was awesome. What a fun time I had. Thanks for the memories CANN.

  5. Clay Aiken is so much more than a singer. He is an all round entertainer…he sings gorgeously, he is hilarious, and the charisma is astonishing. Wow!

  6. Unfortunately I have never seen Clay in concert…but especially sorry that I missed that one. It looks like such fun.

  7. Front row at the Greek?? WOW!! Lucky!! No wonder you liked the concert!!

    Did you attend the Pala concert too?

    Thank you for the videos and all the news!!

    I love that I can find something here every day!! Thank you!!!

  8. I remember reading about this concert–a cellcert on CB.

    Was lucky enough to be at the SRHP tour in NH. Drove four hours by myself to see it. But, I was not alone once I got there. Met many fans and still keep in touch with some. Clay was wonderful that night–in great voice and such funny banter.

    God, how I miss him this summer!!

    • I was at Pala and the Greek. Since I was with my husband, I feel lucky he wanted to go to 2 concerts!!

  9. I wasn’t there but it was so much fun listening on the cellcert and following the boards. Clay Aiken knows how to have a fun concert!

  10. I love these videos… It just makes me miss Clay all the more…..He is just the best entertainer….He’s got it all!!!!…

    Thanks Musicfan for letting us relive this again…..


  11. Musicfan,

    From accounts by those present, Pala was hands down the favorite SRHP concert of many fans. We have such fantastic clack gatherers that those of us at home could experience Flat Clay’s evening, too. Thnx for sharing this special night with us here.

    Many thnx for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. Have a great week!


  12. I attended the SRHP Tour in Syracuse, N.Y. but of all the clack from all the concerts, the Pala clack has to be the best! I would have loved to have been there.

    We were just watching this last week and I break up everytime I see him addressing Flat Clay. Thanks Musicfan.

  13. I remember reading about Flat Clay. He was a real hit. Is he still around??

    I am jealous that you were in the front row at the Greek.

    Thank you for CANN. I enjoy coming every day and finding something interesting!!

  14. I was at both concerts too. They were both incredible, amazing!! We all had such a great time. Loved Flat Clay. He brought out the funniest Clay I’ve ever seen.
    We need more Clay concerts and soon! I would love to attend a concert in support of OMWH.

    Thank you musicfan for the most wonderful and entertaining Clay articles. Thanks to the marvelous people who made videos of the concerts.

  15. Clayam I went to San Diego, Pala and the Greek concerts. These were among the best times I ever had!
    Clay puts on the very best concerts.

  16. *sigh* Pala. *sigh*

    Yeah, it was a fabuloso concert, the best of the 3 in SoCal I saw.

    Yeah, Flat Clay was a hoot! Nearly peed my pants!

    BUT. The best part?

    I.MET.CLAY.THAT.NIGHT. (remember, 5Gs?)

    Ooooofdah! I used to snicker at those who used the term “Clay fog”, until that night.

    What a charmer. What a doll. What a snarkmeister.

    I miss him. A lot.

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