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Before you read this report, I would like to make sure that you know that I have not watched the Regis and Kelly show since November, 2006.  Maybe I am stubborn, but I refuse to support people who are rude and consider themselves better than others.

However, Clay Aiken has been a guest many times on the show and his part of the show has always been interesting to see.  For that reason, I am reporting about this following show.

On September 24, 2004, Clay Aiken won the “Relly” Award for the Best Musical Guest on The Kelly and Regis Show.

Eric McCormack of Will and Grace fame, presented the award saying “Oh my brother’s wife will be excited.”

Clay accepted his golden stool via satellite from a recording studio in North Carolina where he was finishing up his Christmas album. Clay held up his award which was represented by a giant chair.
The nominees for musical guest were:

Clay Aiken
Simply Red
Andre 3000
The Wiggles

What is a “Relly” and why is it around?  It seems that year after year, the talk show, “Live with Regis and Kelly” had never been nominated for a daytime Emmy.  The show decided to take things into their own hands.

Kelly Rippa said:

“Most of the great successes of our show have begun as a joke so we were kidding around that we should have our own awards show, with categories where only we are nominated against ourselves. That way, we couldn’t lose.”

Winners are chosen online by the “Live” audience.  Each winner takes home the coveted Golden Stool which is the trophy-size version of the seating that accommodates “Live” co-hosts and guests.

So, it looks like the coveted “Relly” is a good representation of the show itself…….just one big joke.

The following video is short, but it is all Clay.  I hope you enjoy seeing Clay receive his award.


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  1. I'm with you Musicfan..I don't watch Regis & Kelly either…unless Clay is on. I have no respect at all for Ripa. Clay stole her thunder, he was quick, funny, and always had an answer… I don't think she appreciated that he was holding his own and could hand back slings….She was the star and I kind of think she was trying to put Clay in his place… She's a little too self centered for my liking. It's all about her.

    Anyways…Clay's acceptance speech is cute…gosh, it's hard to believe it's been 5 years….amazing!!! Any clip of Clay is good….. I do like Regis though….


  2. I have never watched Live since the day Kelly had here "fake" meltdown over Clay putting his hand over her mouth. I can't stand her for the hypocrite she is.

  3. I don't watch R & K at all. I don't even watch her commercials. She's such a phony and full of herself.
    Sour grapes, you bet! But Clay sure is cute accepting his Relly.

  4. When Clay was on is the only times I have ever watched R & K. I think she wanted him to be all nervous and she would be the big boss taking over and helping him. She doesn't know Clay Aiken. Typical Clay was when he was on Jay Leno the first time and I was so nervous for him, and our Clay walked out and began talking to the audience. To the girl in his video who jumped off the tour bus when she saw him and ended up in the vid. Jay looked speechless.

  5. Same here. I've never watched Regis & Kelly since Kelly''s absurd tirade….and never will! But it sure was fun rewatching Clay's Relly tape. Thanks for bringing back great memories, musicfan.

  6. The only time I watched R & K was when Clay Aiken was on it, he was wonderful on that show, too bad Kelly is such an egomaniac!

  7. I have not watched the R&K show since Kelly eviscerated Clay the Monday after his Friday co-hosting with her. He was not there to defend himself. She was brutal. She was cruel. Perhaps one day someone will return the favor.

  8. I haven't watched R&K since Ripa went on her completely unprofessional rant after Clay was on the show. But I'll happily watch the great video you provided of Clay receiving the Relly!!

  9. Ever since Ripa went on with Regis the show lost it's appeal to me, it became irritating. Clay's appearances have been the only times I watched.

  10. Clay was his usual charming self and Kelly Ripa was, well, Kelly Ripa. I loved that the hot mess was picked up on other shows and showed Ripa putting her hand over Regis' mouth on more than one occasion, putting her in her place. I don't know why I'm thinking that when she was spouting off to Regis, clips were showing her doing the exact same thing. I'm not a watcher of the show but if Clay chooses to grace their stage with his presence again, I'll be right in front of my TV.

    Loved the presentation. Thanks for the memories.

  11. You couldn't pay me enough to watch the R&K show again. Kelly Ripa is so full of herself..that it's just pathetic. I like Regis…nice man…and funny.

    Loved his presentation. Clay is so funny….I think that Chair Award he had on that video was just a leetle too big! He said in the video of the tour of his house that he had a space saved in his cabinet for his other Relly Award…but, somehow he didn't think it would happen. LOL!!!!

  12. There is no way I would ever watch KR on anything, even commercials. She makes me #"*@#! What a phony. Clay is such a card and stole her thunder. He is too quick for her. LOL!

  13. I thought Clay was adorable in his acceptance speech. His natural wit and humor showed through. I have not watched R %K since K through her fit and was so rude. Here where I live, they actually no longer have them on the air. Maybe they have lost some markets-I can't say I am sad about it. Clay would never be on that show again. I did enjoy watching his acceptance speech again so thanks for the video.

  14. I used to enjoy watching the sitcom Hope and Faith…until I saw the incident on youtube… Now I have a new perception of Kelly and can't enjoy the show as much anymore even though I like all the other actors.

  15. I'm done with R&K too. I can't wait for Clay to hit the talk shows again so he can be on with people that genuinely like him like Jimmy Kimmel.

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