Clay Aiken – Always A Winner

Is He Voting?

Is He Voting?

It has been an amazing two weeks in the ClayNation.  All the different Clay boards have been busy and the excitement has been palpable.

We have been voting for Clay Aiken.  Wait……….many do that every day.  What makes this different?

This vote is for the Ultimate World Idol at a site called Tweeterwall.  Clay fans started a few days late, but have made up for lost time by being tenacious and never giving up.

The voting started with the usual fans, but after reading the crazy rumors and stories being circulated about Clay and his fans, more and more people joined the voting group. New people to the Idol voting world had no idea that there are thousands of Clay fans who are still interested in his career and still support him after almost 7 years.

The most important part of voting is to remember that it is only for fun.  Our voters know that it is important to concentrate on Clay.  Our goal is to give him as many votes as we can.  As soon as you concentrate on the other Idols and vote to see them lose, all the fun and excitement is lost.

The voting site has had many problems.  The entire site went down for a while and at another time, no votes seemed to get through at all.  But Clay fans never gave up and just kept on voting.

Whatever the results of this poll, I am proud to be a Clay fan.  Clay Aiken will always be #1 to me.

At the Official Fan Club, some of the fans decided that they needed a theme song for the voting.  After much light-hearted discussion, they finally agreed on a song.

The talented SueReu put together a wonderful Montage to the song.


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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Always A Winner

  1. Whoo hoooo!!! Clay got to the #1 spot overnight! Vote vote vote!!! What a great day! He's behind again…but the site crashed for awhile… but it's back up running again!!!

  2. It feels like old times to see all the boards pulling together to vote for Clay. It's wonderful to see fans on all the mb's supporting Clay, the reason we are all fans. Sometimes petty differences between people/mb's get in the way of full Clay support, but this poll seems to be drawing us back together for a common goal. Even people who have been only lurking on the boards are voting and weighing in with a post here and there. Whether Clay wins or loses, the support for Clay and the unity of the Clay fans is the most important thing as it bringing us together.

  3. Voting for Clay has been great….

    Seems like the whole Claynation has come together to support Clay….and it's a wonderful feeling all over again.

    Of course we want Clay to be #1, in votes..but if he comes in #2..that is great as well…Let's not forget….that while the others are right off the AI show…Clay is holding his own 6+ years later…That in itself is amazing…. We love our guy….

    Happy voting everyone!!!!! It sure has been fun.


  4. Fantastic montage!! It's no mystery why Clay Aiken fans are still here after all these years. He is, quite simply, the best!!

  5. To quote you: "Whatever the results of this poll, I am proud to be a Clay fan. Clay Aiken will always be #1 to me."
    Those are perfect words 🙂

    Love SueReu's right it is, eh!
    Time to go vote at the Twitterwall, see you there!!!!

  6. It's been so long since all of the boards have pulled together like this. Each message board has it's own personality and personality of members that belong to it. That's just the way of the world with people being different from each other.
    What we all have in common is that we support a guy who does have a great voice, who cares about the kids who are often left out in the world and not only cares, but uses the publicity he has to further his foundation and unicef goals instead of using the charity to further his career. Early on in the American Idol competition he said if he had any success, he'd like to use it to help others in need. Since then, we've seen the Bubel/Aiken foundation (now the National Inclusion Project) grow from a dream into a reality.
    So while we all have our differences in the way we talk, see the world and see each other, we all have great respect for a guy who continues to try to make a difference in the world. (And he can Sing too! ;-)) In a way this poll has helped us all realize that we aren't so different after all and message board feuds have fallen by the way side.


    I am just really happy that as a new fan, I get to experience CLAY NATION, uniting and voting for the man! After so many years, who would have thought this could happen. It’s amazing, I love to vote for him, and this coming together is just icing on the cake. Fantabulous! Let’s keep voting!

  8. Sandi, I like what you said:

    Clay Aiken is the glue that binds the Clay Nation together.

    Yes, he is. And I am proud of him and proud of his fans. It’s truly heart warming to see how all of his fans have stepped up to this latest challenge. After 6 1/2 years he, and we, are still going strong.

    Whether he ends up #1 or #2 on the poll, he is STILL #1 in all our hearts.

  9. All the fans are coming together and having some fun with this new poll. Clay went from being way at the bottom when it started (because we weren't aware of the poll) and then he moved up one by one all the way to the top once we found out. The fans are out in droves and showing the support we've always shown for Clay.

    We are all just biding our time waiting for Clay's next project and new music. We are a very strong and dedicated group of fans that have been through all the ups and downs, but we are still standing strong and standing right next to Clay. Just another great time to be a fan of this fascinating man.

    Back to voting! 🙂

  10. It is so good to see the whole Clay Nation uniting together and voting on the TwitterPoll. It is so much fun….and like everyone says no matter if he ends up #1 or #2 he is still #1 in our Hearts. I am very proud of him and all the good he does in this world and always making a difference. Very happy to be a fan of Clay Aiken.

  11. Musicfan,

    Whether Clay Aiken ends up as #1 or #2 he is tops in the hearts of his fans. Awesome blog about Tweeterwall World Idol. Looking forward to "the best is yet to come" with Decca!

    Go, Clay Nation!!!


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