Clay Aiken – He Built A Nation

On August 30th,  a fan ran across a poll that was called


Ultimate World Idol.

Word went out to the ClayNation and the fans responded by coming together to show their love of  Clay Aiken and to let the world know that his fanbase is still here and ready to be counted.

We accomplished a great deal, not just by getting high numbers on the poll, but by joining together as one fan unit.  It was wonderful to see so many of the Clay Boards working together for a common goal.  Of course we wanted Clay to win, but nothing can take away from what we have gained.  Our friendships, both old and new are priceless.  Fans from all corners of the world were checking in and encouraging their local fan groups to join in the voting.  From Columbia to Japan, Mongolia to Brazil, Indonesia to Spain, Clay’s dedicated fans joined together to support their Ultimate World Idol

Clay Aiken is an incredibly talented, charismatic and funny man.  But he is more than that.  Clay Aiken is unselfish and gives so much of his time to his fans.  He signs autographs, shakes the hands of long lines of his fans  even when he is exhausted.  He has spent many hours answering fan questions on his Official Fan Club Site. Clay is also devoted to his charities and spends countless hours helping children throughout the world.

Clay Aiken is my Ultimate World Idol!

One of Clay’s wonderful fans said it best when she said about Clay:

“Everyone keeps talking about ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’……but in reality….The Best Has Always Been Here!!  It’s Just Going To Get Better!”

The following video shows why Clay Aiken is the Ultimate World Idol.  (Get out some tissues)


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30 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Built A Nation

  1. I like to think of each of those 170,000 votes as a thank you to Clay. Thank you for what you've done- your humanitarian work, your charity work, your music. Thank you for bringing us all together. Thank you for making us fall in love with everything about you, for making us feel so deeply, for making us love you and each other. 170,000+ thank yous for what he's done, and for everything that is to come. It's not enough, it'll never be enough- there's no way we can properly thank him for everything he's given us. But it's a start. 🙂

    And you're right- the video IS making me cry! 🙂

  2. Wonderful entry today.

    Clay Aiken is definitely the Ultimate World Idol and it has nothing to do with just a silly poll. Clay has brought people together to form life-long friendships and this past couple of weeks has shown just how strong and dedicated Clay's fans are. ONE fan base worked together and had fun doing it. We shared comments, laughs and old times on message boards all over the internet and just had fun. Sure it's nice to be #1, but knowing that Clay is still #1 by thousands of his fans is what is important. Again, ONE fan base working together. We are there for him as we always have been.

    This poll is over today and it's another reason to celebrate. As a huge group of fans, it's the last poll we will do that has anything to do with AI and that in itself is what we can all celebrate. Clay has moved far from them and now his fans can too. This day should be marked down in history. 🙂

    Clay will continue to touch lives in more special ways through his music, his God-given talent of voice and his loving, caring and huge heart. His countless ways that he has made a difference is something that he, and we as fans, can always be proud of.

    Without a doubt, and without a silly poll shouting #1, Clay Aiken is the Ultimate World Idol. Off to bigger and better things.

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. Without a doubt, Clay is absolutely the Ultimate World Idol. A title like that just doesn't encompass the voice, singing, but the whole character, humanitarian efforts, giving back and making a difference… Clay helped children long before he ever appeared on AI…so it's always been apart of who he is….I know we picked a winner…..

    Thank you Musicfan for including what I had said about the Best always being's true…it's just going to get better…. Thanks for that. I believe it with all my heart…


  4. I’m still LMAO over this. That was a lot of fun and kept us entertained while waiting for Clay and the Gala next month! It also served as a “good bye” to all things AI. It took the Glambert fans a two day head start, 4 fan bases voting against us, a bonus of 1200 points from the site owner, tweets by the hundreds begging for votes, a propaganda YouTube, an ad on craigslist, and emails to every blogger they could think of, and they still only managed to win by by using IP changing software! ! Too funny! We are quite a team! Now that Clay has a real life away from 19, I can’t wait to see what’s next. It was a fun game for the nostalgia factor, but now it’s time to grow up and away from anything to do with AI.

  5. That is one of the most touching performances I have ever seen. Clay put everything he had into it at a time when he would have been better off seeking medical attention. But that's Clay, putting his whole self, determination and heart, into everything he does. That's why he is my World Idol. Love ya Clay. ,

  6. We fans have always know who the World Idol was. Now we are on to bigger and better things.
    Although, even Clay is going to have a hard time topping this performance. Just goes to show that for Clay, even though he was suffering from a serious case of vertigo, the fans come first and the show must go on. Thank you Clay for loving us as much as we love you.

  7. Clay Aiken always has been and always will be my Ultimate World Idol!
    He is an advocate for people with disabilities, an Ambassador for UNICEF, one of the founders for the National Inclusion Project, a very humble guy and he is an amazing singer.

    I still get teary eyed watching that video. He was so sick with vertigo that night, held on to that stool and sang his heart out.

  8. The Best Has Always Been Here!! It’s Just Going To Get Better!”

    What a great line this is! Clay Aiken has always been my World Idol….The only entertainer that I have flown all across the US to see many times!

  9. I love that All Is Well clip – even with the vertigo, he was on the entire night. You could tell that he was in pain, but he just kept on entertaining – what an amazing man. He puts that same amount of heart into everything he does – he always has and I'll wager that he always will.

    This poll was fun (most of the time) but I admit I'm glad it's over 😀 Between the Adam Lambert fans and the Clay Aiken fans, I don't think tweeterwall knew what hit them!!! Congrats to ALL!!!

  10. Clay Aiken is now and will continue to be tops, Clay Aiken is the best!

    Contratulations to all on a super race at the TW poll, it was wonderful to see fans gathering forces as always for our man.

    Great blog!!

  11. This poll (although badly managed) has served us in two ways. It has brought CLAYNATION together for one common purpose, to vote for our man. It also symbolises the end of the AI chapter, and a NEW beginning with Decca. Congratulations to Claynation, and here’s to a new beginning.

  12. No matter what, even if he had fallen with the vertigo, he was giving a complete concert to his fans. Clay Aiken is my World Idol.

  13. Awesome, Clay is just awesome in that performance. What a man, what other performer would have put on a performance like Clay did having vertigo?

  14. Clay Aiken is an amazing man. I am so proud to be one of his fans.

    Thank you for all your great work here.

  15. "The Best Has Always Been Here!! It’s Just Going To Get Better!”

    That's the truth.

    As Anna said "This poll (although badly managed) has served us in two ways. It has brought CLAYNATION together for one common purpose, to vote for our man. It also symbolises the end of the AI chapter, and a NEW beginning with Decca. Congratulations to Claynation, and here's to a new beginning."

    It was fun voting in that poll but that's the last poll that pits one AI alumni against another that I will vote in. Clay has moved on and I'm moving on right along with him.

  16. Musicfan,

    Wonderful blog celebrating Clay Aiken, our World Idol. The Twitterwall poll reunited the Clay Nation, and we are ready to turn the page from AI and RCA to the Decca Era, as Coping wrote above me. The best has always been here!

    It was great seeing you in the Carolina blog again. Thank you for your kind remarks.

    Have a super weekend!


  17. Thank you for the wonderful blog. Clay is, and always has been, Our World Idol. It was loads of fun voting for our man…and now that it is done…it is time to move on to the new Decca Era. Its so exciting, and I know The Best Is Yet To Come.

    Thank you for putting that video up….but I have never been able to watch the ones where he was so sick and dizzy from Vertigo. It would be too sad for me. But, they do prove what a brave man he is..and according to him The Show Must Go On. What a man..and I think I love him.

  18. It’s great to have you back!! I missed your blogs;
    they are so full of information as well as videos and
    photographs (many of which I haven’t seen before).

    Clay IS the ultimate IDOL; we are his fans NOT because of this, but because he is an outstanding human being, humanitarian and extraordinaire singer. Sometimes (often actually) his music brings me to tears, and yet other songs bring me hope.

    Foremost though is because he truly is a person who inspires, one who has brought many out from the throws of depression, agrophoria, settling in to the routine of mundane.

    He’s a hero. Deserving multiple times over of being
    the Ultimate Idol. {who knew years ago that he would
    be this precious to us and that he would truly ROCK
    our world? I had no idea, but I’m glad that I DO NOW}

    I’m so glad you are back!!


  19. Thank you for all the kind words. Your love of Clay and his music is wonderful However, I am a bit confused. CANN has been here every day and I have written something (good and Bad) every day. I am sorry you missed the blogs!!

    Please come back every day and your comments are loved!!

  20. I am very happy with all the fans for supporting Clay., He is the Ultimate World Idol!!!
    We did good , proud of all of us!

  21. I love that video and his persistence to see the show through that night. The only thing I am ecstatic over regarding the poll is that it is over!!! It was fun but enough is enough. No more pitting Idols against each other for me in the future. All I care about is new music from Clay Aiken. And Mr Aiken…get yourself back out there on tour…we got credit cards waiting to be used!

  22. I was there the night that Clay had vertigo and had to sit on the stool all night unlike his normal moving around. He still poured everything he could into the songs, the banter, and that last song we were worried he would slide off that stool. Clay could have canceled the concert, he certainly was sick enough, but he chose to go on and gave us a great concert.

    There's a lot more that should be considered when choosing a world idol besides looks and ability to sing. Clay has a six year career that includes many different talents from singing, tv, charity work, and Broadway. Clay relates to his audience, talks to his fans, and has a connection not always seen. After almost every show fans will form a line to the tour bus and no matter how tired Clay is he will walk the line and touch everyone's hands. It really doesn't matter what the results of a poll are, what matters are the heart and soul of the man Clay fans love.

  23. Yes, THE BEST has always been here and is just going to keep getting better! I am so proud of Clay Aiken and all that he has accomplished. And I'm also very proud of his fans who have shown their dedication and support to him for the past 6 1/2 years. It really is quite an amazing relationship.

    Now, bring on the Decca Era. I am SO ready for more music, more tours, more Clay!!!

  24. He's a prize and a gift that we all delight in, a wonderful man and fine human being! Clay is a rare jewel and precious person! His gifts and talents to connect with us, amazing, touching our hearts and souls. I voted everyday over and over and over in the poll, even got my son to vote a couple times for me. I'm glad it's over though! I know Clay's future is bright and his dependency is on God as he's said so many times. I pray all his future supercedes even the greatest things of his past, and for blessings to come to him and his family! ALL IS WELL!

  25. It was fun polling and seeing the numbers going up……It was tiring too but worth it cos we get to see the love radiating through the Claynation for this great man….

  26. Thank you for this great blog and for all of your blogs. I love CANN.!

    Clay is most amazing and wonderful and he is truly the world to all of us.

    Yes he is a real World Idol!

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