Clay Aiken – Making Lemonade

Sometimes, when life gives you lemons,

it is best to make lemonade!

Clay Aiken is a pro at taking a “slam” and turning it into a wonderful laugh.

We need your help.  Please choose you favorite “lemonade” picture.  Be sure to let us know why you chose it!













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  1. I LOVE the pictures from Merrillville (I was there, so funny) but I had to choose #4 – PERFECT response 😀

    Clay Aiken definitely can take a lemon of a moment and make some mighty fine lemonade out of it!!

  2. I voted #1 because I remember how surprised Clay was to the response to Rippa. Loved it. Pure Clay Aiken.

  3. Clay Aiken is the master at turning lemons into lemonade. He's had many lemons throw at him, but he always stays true to himself.

  4. #4 – Clay and Tori Spelling was the perfect spoof and it was seen by millions.
    #6 – Funny stuff but it was local to the NC Triangle. The news anchors had fun with it.
    #2 – The show had a sense of humor.

  5. I voted for 4. I loved that this was done on an Awards show that millions of people saw, involved someone else putting their hand on Clay's mouth and then both of them laughing about it. I think it demonstrated what a childish thing it was for KR to make such a fuss about it. Her rant only made her look bad, not Clay.

  6. I just had to vote for #6. I thought they were so funny together when they were out in front of the house, and Clay put his hand over her mouth. Her laugh is hilarious….and, of, course, Clay is always a riot. I have it d/l and used to watch it over and over and laugh. Now, that I'm reminded of it again, guess I'll go watch it.

  7. I love #4 because the whole world got to watch Clay and Tori laugh at Ripacrit's stupidity, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel hosting the show and giving them the go-ahead to do it!

  8. I voted for #4. I was a perfect spoof.No names had to be mentioned, but everybody knew what fool they were making fun of.

  9. I loved #4 since it was right after the Kelly Ripa! I laughed so hard at Tori Spelling and at Clay for taking it like a champ! Go Clay!

  10. Voted for #4. Think Kelly made a mountain out of a mole hill and it came right back, even though Clay had a lot of fun with it and so did we! Probably because of the way he handled it! Made lemonade! Love Clay!

  11. I had to vote for number 4 because it was not long after the fact. And it was so nice to see snarky Clay live on tv!!

  12. I picked #4. I saw it that night. Had been so upset about how Kelly reacted when it happend and then went on a rant the next day of the show. I worried about the effect it would have on Clay. When I saw him on the AMAs with Tori Spelling's hand over his mouth, I loved it. Had to keep replaying my tape. I also knew that I didn't need to worry about him–he was gonna be just fine!!!

  13. I love them all but, I picked #3 because I was at that concert and laughed my butt off when Clay covered his own mouth and poked fun at Kelly and himself. I just love that he can laugh at himself like he does and doesn't take everything so seriously. He definately makes some really yummy lemonade with his lemons!

  14. I voted for #4 because it was seen around the world. It was a perfect wordless response to Ripacrite's rant. Also as RIFAN said I knew Clay was going to be just fine.. Hey he's very fine and lots more too! xoxox

  15. I chose picture #4 with Tori at the Awards show!! It was done shortly after the Ripacrit incident when it was fresh in people's minds, and it was a wonderful, very public way for Clay to show his humorous take on the whole incident. Where as Ripa made a fool out of herself with her rant about the whole innocuous incident, Clay good naturedly made fun of it without dissing Ripa. Good contrast of class versus crass on Clay's part!

  16. #4 because I remember that the most. It was a perfect script, perfectly executed. What a great comeback! On top of that he made a situation that was spiralling into negativity and turned it into positive fun. We need more Clays in this world. What a smart and creative teacher and role model.

    He also jokes about being runner up on Idol and the airplane fiasco and many others. Just turns them into great comedy material.

    Thanks musicfan, what a great write up.

  17. Clay can present a same joke in so many different ways and it gets funnier each time. Love every single one of the above.

    #4 is special because it was another celebrity who was mocking KR's bitchy rant and at such a major event, so soon after it happened. But I chose #2 only because Mike and Juliet were talk show hosts who invited Clay to co-host and actually did this pose as a promotion for that talk show.

  18. #4 of course. It was so much fun seeing Tori and Clay making fun of the Ripa fiasco. I just hope and pray that Ripa saw it and knew that many, many people were laughing at HER!

    I was so proud of Clay …. and of course, Jimmy would be totally game for it.

  19. I love when he took a stand, he doesn't do it often but that was perfect..No names just action…that is what our man is … a man of action with integrity,

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