Clay Aiken – Three Times A Winner

Do you remember this from 3 years ago?

InStyle Magazine
September 2006

Clay Aiken wins the “Sexiest Male Singer” for the third straight year.

Personally, I think Clay should win every year!!

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  1. Absolutely Clay Aiken should win every year!!! Talent, Brains, humor and heart – THAT = SEXY!!!

  2. Clay Aiken wins sexiest male singer with me every day of the week!! It's nice to see him in these magazines too though!! I hope he'll be back on those pages when his new CD comes out next year.

    I checked CANN earlier, but this new article wasn't up yet! If it hadn't been for Twitter, which I am trying to learn to use more effectively, I might not have seen it until much later. Thanks for the Tweet!!

  3. Once Clay is out and about again entertaining us I think we will be able to add a 4th year of InStyle Magazine to the list again.

  4. In my book…Clay Aiken is sexy every day, every week, every month, every year. Gosh, do you think that means he is sexy 24/7? YES….I think it does! I love that pic of Clay though. Wasn't that when Clay stole AI Thunder? LOL!!!!!

  5. Clay would get my vote every year that is for sure! He is talented, handsome, funny, caring, intelligent. I agree -he is the total package rolled up in one delightful man!

  6. I had totally forgetten about this. What makes Clay so sexy is he doesn't really try to be. It just comes naturally.

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