Clay Aiken – Video Specials

As I was looking through videos at YouTube, I found two that I thought you might enjoy.  Each video brought tears to my eyes.

The first video is from the 2008 Champions of Change Gala which was held in Raleigh last October.  Clay Aiken sang from his heart and it is a performance I will always remember.

The second video is a wonderful video synopsis of the 2009 Gala.  The talented SueReu put this together and it really conveys the true reason for the night.

You can never tire of watching and hearing Clay Aiken.  Enjoy!!



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  1. Thank you so much! A beautiful way to start the day! Love Clay so much and all you who know how to bring these wonderful videos and blogs to us! MAE

  2. These are two wonderful videos … it was nice to watch the video from last year again!
    The one from this year is beautiful – Sue did an amazing video… I have been watching it for the last few days and I loved it.
    I also never get tired of listen and watching Clay …he sure has the most beautiful voice that I know. Thanks

  3. I never get tired of Clay either – he's amazing. I could go on about all the nuances of his voice, but you'll just have to listen for yourself!!!

    Thank you for posting my video!! It was fun to make that (most of the time). The Gala was an amazing experience!!!

  4. I loved both of those video's. Clay just fascinates me. I could watch his video's over and over and never get tired of them. The one from last year is so endearing. The newest is a great tribute to the National Inclusion Project and Clay Aiken. SueReu did a great job on it .

  5. Great videos. Loved watching them over again…
    SueReu did a great job on the Gala from this year….and the one from 2008, was just so heartfelt and touching…..

    It's true…I never tire from watching videos of Clay…Ever!!!!..


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