Let’s Just Play With Clay Aiken

Let’s Just Play is a national multi-media campaign and grassroots effort to get kids more physically active and encourage more positive, healthy and playful lifestyles. Launched in June 2003 in partnership with The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Nickelodeon’s “Let’s Just Play” campaign employs Public Service Announcements, celebrity endorsements, partnerships and grassroots efforts, to reinforce the pure value of play. It challenges communities to support and invest in recreational resources for kids.

On October 4, 2003, Nickelodeon sponsored a live, 3-1/2-hour event celebrating the first year of Nick’s “Let’s Just Play” campaign. It aired live from L.A. with Clay Aiken, Hilary Duff, Frankie Muniz, Jessica Alba, Lil’ Romeo plus Master P., Melissa Joan Hart and the casts of “All That” and “The Brothers Garcia” participating in a basketball tournament and the final leg of a multi-city relay race.

Called the Finish Line Festival, the program was filmed live from the Nickelodeon studios in Los Angeles.  It celebrated the first year of the national campaign.  Olympic medalist Summer Sanders and Mati Moralejo of Nick Games & Sports (GAS) hosted a part of the festival by presenting a wealth of physical challenges and games for kids to learn and play along with at home. “Let’s Just Play Across America” is part of Nickelodeon’s grassroots effort to get kids more physically active and to encourage more positive, healthy and playful lifestyles for kids across America.

Clay Aiken was busy during the 3 ½ hour program.  Besides singing “Invisible” and “I Will Carry You,” Clay filmed many promos, including a hula loop demonstration.  He also introduced his favorite Sponge Bob film and let us know that he likes to play Soccer (??).

I put the videos on YouTube and they all worked except the one of Invisible.  It was rejected for “terms of use violation.”  The videos are amazing.  Was Clay really that young??





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15 thoughts on “Let’s Just Play With Clay Aiken

  1. I think I've just died from cuteness overload… :o) Thanks for this and for the adorable videos. He was so young indeed! 8-o :o)

  2. CANN has been amazing marking all of these "anniversaries" of events we have shared with Clay!!! Who would have thought we would spend so much time watching Nickelodeon to see Clay perform! And what a great job he did….the kids all went crazy for his performances!!! Thanks for always bringing back these wonderful memories and providing the awesome videos to go along with them!

  3. Clay is SO adorable….and sexy…in these videos. His facial expressions are just wonderful! Thanks for bringing back fond memories, CANN. You do a superb job.

  4. LOVED THE HOOLA HOOPS!!! I wonder if he'd do that during a concert? Sing a song while twirling Hoola Hoops on both arms?? I'd pay EXTRA LOL!!! xD;)

    Thanks for these videos – Clay was just too cute and looked like he was having the time of his life.

    • Sue…………..a good question for Clay at the OFC……..will he do that in concert?? At this point, I don't care what he does….I just want a concert!!

  5. I love IWCY to this day. Clay Aiken did indeed look so young back then. He has matured rather…..nicely into a hunk. Can't wait to hear him sing again!!

  6. WOW……Clay looks so young!! Although he was not a teenager, he played the part very well.

    That guy can really sing!!

  7. What a cute blog. That seems so long ago. I wonder if Clay even remembers it.

    It doesn't matter……it just reminds me that I miss Clay!!

  8. Those video's were so cute! I loved the one where he had the Hula Hoops on his arms. He just looks so young and like he was having so much fun. I really enjoy all the interesting topics you put on Cann. I have never seen these video's before.

  9. This is so great! Didn't even know it existed. Thanks for sharing with us! I agree Clay looks so young…guess he was! Enjoyed this very much! Clay and his voice is always great and a treat to see and hear!

  10. I have never seen this before, this is awesome. He looks so young. Thank you so much, I had to watch these several times. He's got the cutest facial expressions.

  11. Clay Aiken has been continually busy helping out worthy organizations since day one. This one was so much fun! Thanks for the videos, to bad Invisible was blocked, how annoying eh?

  12. I never saw those videos before. I missed some of the things Clay did in the beginning. How cute! Thanks for posting them!

  13. You always have such a fun informative blog! I thought I had seen everything Clay had done, but somehow I missed these. The videos are great and it was cute watching Clay with the hula hoops!!!!

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