Video: Champions Gala

Here is video of Clay singing “Moon River”!

Moon River (by Starfishy 2000)

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8 thoughts on “Video: Champions Gala

  1. Thank-you so much for all your hard work to bring this to the fans. I do admire you all and Clay for all you do to create awareness. I haven't done much to help but I am working on that. It was great to hear about the Gala and all the money that was raised. Very happy everyone enjoyed themselves and what a wonderful job you all have done.

  2. Oh my….this was just so beautiful…..Thank you Musicfan for bringing us events of the evening…..I for one, was sitting at my computer last night…in great anticipation for any reports, pics…anything…and I was not disappointed….I never am with Clay anyways….I adore this man, more and more every year…..


  3. Thank you for your recap of the Gala and posting this video. Can I just say one thing? I love Clay Aiken.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this. I love it! I was at the gala, my first, and I can tell you it was one of the best Clay related expereinces I ever had. I am so, so proud of Clay and the National Inclusion Project for all the wonderful work they have done, and continue to do, for the sake of inclusion. Listening to the presentations, and learning about the work that has already been done by the foundation, brought tears to my eyes and pride to my heart. Listening to Clay sing brought me much joy, like always. I just can not get over how much is voice continues to touch me. And to hear "Moon River", one of the many highlights of the weekend. I have been wanting to hear Clay sing that in entirety for 6 years now. I got my wish. Beautiful.

  5. This was my first gala also. It was everything I expected and hoped it would be, except for the seating. If I had my way I'd be up front, but I'm not alone there. I am so proud of Clay and the NIP and how Clays pet project in college turned into a successful reality. Its amazes me how far they have come in just a few years and are continuing to grow and have received the recognition that they so deserve. It was wonderful being there in person to witness the awards and the people that have come together to make NIP the success it is. Clay was the icing on the cake and hearing his voice touching my soul. Yes, I love Clay Aiken, always will.

  6. THANK YOU CANN and all clack gatherers! What a special night, what a special foundation, what a special guy, what special fans. THANK YOU.

    On another note, I’m doomed, MR and MEAY keeps replaying itself in my head, the Clay version. I didn’t know MEAY, but I’ll be paying a lot more attention to the song now!

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