Clay Aiken – Why We Are Here!

A big thank you to all of you who commented on the article “Let’s Make An Impact.”  The study from New York University gave us so much to think about.  I hope we can continue to talk it over and come up with  positive ways to support Clay Aiken.

So………yesterday was a little serious………….today, lets do something fun!!  The two videos below show exactly why we are here.




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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Why We Are Here!

  1. This is exactly why we are here…..A clip from 2003, Clay singing the best version ever of BOTW, on stage for TV, and then we have Clay singing Moon River in 2009 at a private performance for the National Inclusion Project. 6 1/2 years later…. I'd say Clay Aiken has matured nicely!!!!!!


  2. You don't have to twist my arm to watch Clay Aiken sing. Awww nice video's, awesome talented, handsome singer. Great voice. Come on 2010.

  3. Superb! Excellent! Exciting! I just love Clay! What else can I say! I love the picture of him also, one of my favorites! Outstanding blog, thank you very much!!

  4. Clay aiken fans have stood behind him for 6 1/2 years now and we will continue to be here for him snd support him any way we can. Watching the videos and seeing how he has matured is wonderful. Thanks CANN.

  5. There has never been a finale song that has had more impact than Clay Aiken singing BOTW.
    It is just simply the best!! That was when AI was at it's best. It's been going downhill ever since!

  6. Thank you for those two fantastic videos!! I just love Clay Aiken singing BOTW!!
    Ryan Seacrest said EVERYONE was talking about Clay singing BOTW the next day!
    All you have to do is watch it and you'll know why!

  7. There has always been something fascinating about Clay Aiken. There is no one like him on the stage. He just shines. Loved his version of BOTW….and love his version of MR. The man can sing anything. I am waiting with excitement for 2010.

  8. WOW…….Both videos are wonderful. You are right. Watching these videos just reminds me of one of the many reasons I am a fan of Clay Aiken. Nobody sings like he does.


  9. Clay has changed in many ways in the last few years, but not in any way that isn't good!!

    One thing that has not changed is his wonderful voice. He sings both songs beautifully.

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