Clay Aiken-“You Better Watch Out”

It is Friday, December 18th and in just one week it will be Christmas.  Are you ready??  I’m certainly not ready.  I still have presents to buy and I still haven’t finished my cards.  I think I might be in trouble!!

In 2003, Clay Aiken was the featured performer for the The Very Merry Christmas Parade at Walt Disney World.  It was the 20th anniversary of the Christmas Day Parade.  Clay opened the parade singing “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and ended the parade with an exciting performance of ” Joy To The World” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”

I remember reading that on the day Clay taped this event, he was fighting a cough and cold.  You certainly could not tell by his enthusiastic performance and singing.

There were lots of great pictures that came out of that performance.  And, there are two videos of the event.  I hope you enjoy it all.



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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken-“You Better Watch Out”

  1. Musicfan…yes..Christmas is coming up pretty fast.
    I loved watching these videos's hard to believe these are 6 years old now…..Where has the time gone??? I love hearing Clay Aiken's voice, no matter where, and again, I forgot about this one. It's the only time I had watched the Disney Christmas…. Thanks for the videos and pictures….He's adorable.


  2. I'm not ready for Christmas yet, but Clay Aiken's music and a revisit to his appearance at Disney's Parade certainly put me in a cheerful mood!! Thanks!

  3. I truly enjoyed watching this. I don't even remember seeing this at the time, so it's new to me. Clay looked like he was having the time of his life, he looked so happy. Thank you for bringing this to us to enjoy for the 1st time or to others to enjoy again.

  4. I don't remember ever seeing the video of this…I've seen many pictures though. What a great day that was. It looked like Clay was having the time of his life. I'm sure the sun and warm temps of Florida helped his cold also. Thank you so much…really enjoyed that!

  5. I also don't remember seeing these videos before. Clay looks so happy. Even if he was sick, it must have been lots of fun!! Thanks for finding them

    AND…….no, I am not finished with my holiday preparations.

  6. Musicfan,

    I loved Clay's performance in The Very Mery Christmas Parade at Walt Disney World, and reliving it in your blog has been a treat!

    Thank you for your kind comment in the Carolina blog entry. This afternoon I shared your remarks with my daughter, who lived by the same guidelines when she came home from school and her mother was teaching piano. We tried having piano lessons, but she opted for the cello. *g*

    Have a great weekend!


  7. I love that last close up picture right before the videos. He just looks so handsome and wholesome (and he is)!!
    He just radiates such joy when he sings "Joy to the World."

  8. This was always a favorite of mine. I miss Clay during the holidays now. He gives me chills when he sings Christmas songs.

  9. Gosh Clay Aiken looked so young at that time. I guess I do remember he was sick but he sure sounded wonderful.

  10. I remember watching Clay Aiken in that Christmas parade. Clay was sick then, but I would never have guessed it by watching him. He performed like he was having a great time.

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