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Instead of sitting around, waiting for a huge announcement from Clay Aiken, I decided I would look for some great profile pictures of Clay.  I mean… pictures always make me feel better.

Please let us know which profile picture is your favorite by voting in the poll.  The problem for me is there are far to many pictures for one poll.

Before I post the pictures, I want to suggest you visit the Discography that we are putting together on this site.  The tab is at the top of the site.  It is a work in progress.  Thank you to Deona for her wonderful work on this on-going project.

Also……….we are getting to the end of the Romantic song list.  Please don’t forget.  We always like as many songs as we can get.

So, back to PROFILES!!








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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Profiles

  1. Very hard to pick my favorite…but, I finally decided on #2. I believe, that is from the Jay Leno Show for his ATDW cd. It was between #2 and #6…because I have always loved how he looked with the beard. Can we say…..SEXY! But, I loved his whole demeanor on #2. I saw a full length picture of him and he is just WOW!!

  2. Clay has a beautiful profile. I especially love he length of his eyelashes….He's perfect in my eyes… I voted for #4…but it was a hard decision….I just love the look.

    The Discography is wonderful…thank you CANN for putting that together….It's great for new fans finding out about Clay…especially with his new CD coming out this year… Great job as usual.


  3. Wow! That was a hard decision. I picked one but I wish I could have picked ALL of them. The camera just loves Clay Aiken!

    The Discography is really great! Kudos to those that have made this such a wonderful site!

  4. I love polls! My favourite of all favourites is #4. It just makes my heart flutter. What a beautiful profile. The rest are georgeous too, but had to pick one!

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