Clay Aiken – Public Speaking 101

Clay Aiken will be the guest speaker at the Human Rights Campaign Gala in Raleigh on February 27th.  Today, at this time, there are 217 news articles about this speech on the Google News search page.    Articles could be found at the New York Time, The Huffington Report and USA Today.  When Clay Aiken speaks, the world listens.  I do hope that we will get a transcript or video of this speech.  I think we all would love to hear what Clay says that evening.

Clay has made many speeches for many reasons in the last 7 years.  We have some great pictures of  “public speaker” Clay.  Today, we have a poll to choose the greatest Business Clay.  Please vote for your favorite and why not let us know why it is your favorite.









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19 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Public Speaking 101

  1. I love that Clay speaks up for causes that are close to him. Whether it be for inclusion for all children, or asking for funds for Unicef to help the countless children in need. How wonderful that Clay is speaking up for just your basic Human Rights. This man fights for things that are important, not only for children, and everyone, but looks ahead to make this world a better place, not only for his child, but for all children, so that their struggles will be less. I will be ever so thankful, when people will not ridicule people for being gay. Will not bully them to the point where they feel worthless. That every human being should be shown dignity, respect and the right TO BE EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE. One day…step by step…it's a slow process, but you have to keep going in the right direction, to educate people

  2. I agree with poster number 1. Great post. For the picture I chose number 4 because, it includes the award that Clay himself designed for the honorees at the NIP gala. Clay didn't just lend a name to a charity he developed his own, the National Inclusion Project. He takes an active part in details while the staff runs the day-to-day work of the charity. He's involved, probably more than people know.

  3. Whether it's before Congress on the behalf of UNICEF, or at a Care Givers conference, or in front of teachers on the importance of education, Clay has spoken about issues that are important for many more than just himself. I hope we get a transcript, I'd love to read what he has to say.

    #5 – and I thought I'd be in the minority on that choice.

  4. I loved every speech that Clay gave, whether it be for his National Inclusion Project or any other worthwhile organization. But, I had to pick #2 because I just loved the speech he gave at the GLAAD Presentation for Tyra. I understand he wrote that whole speech himself too. What an intelligent and charismatic man he is when he gets up on that stage with a speech or even just entertaining.

    I, also, can't wait to hear a transcript of his speech at the HRC meeting on Feb. 27.

  5. I am very proud of Clay Aiken for taking an active part in what he believes in and being a speaker in Human Rights Campaign Gala (HRC) in Raleigh North Carolina!.

  6. I love all the pictures. It is hard to decide which I like the best.

    I love that Clay speaks out on the causes he feels are important. I do hope we have the opportunity to read what he says, or…….(hope) see a video of the speech.

  7. Hard to pick one but I guess if I have too #5 is my fave.. One of my favorite looks for Clay, and he was so adorable that evening.

  8. I just had to pick #5 ~~ it was my birthday that evening and Clay looked absolutely adoreable and raised quite a bit of money for his foundation with his wit and enthusiasm. I couldn't have found a better way to celebrate my special day than being with Clay!

    All his speeches have been very intelligently written and spoken from his heart on matters near and dear to him. He is sooo much more than the heavenly singer most people know. Maybe someday the world will know what we already do!!

  9. I think Clay is hot in a beard and love that photo and he was so funny that night!

    BUT, I chose #7 because in that photo, Clay looks so young and innocent. So cute. I love his ears.
    It reminds me of the photo of him when he was a youngster sitting in the backseat of a car.

  10. I like them all 'cause I love an intelligent handsome man who believes he can make a difference. Voted for #3!!

  11. Those are all handsome pictures of Clay Aiken. He is so dedicated to making the world a better plaace.

  12. I think he looks great in all the pictures, but I didn't pick the one I thought was the best because of his appearance. I picked Number 7, because I remember when I heard him give that talk I was amazed. It really blew my mind that someone that young was that concerned about that particular issue. And his speech was incredible the way it started out. I know I thought he was talking about a mother and a baby and it was a woman who was the caretaker for her elderly mother. It was a really clever the way he put that speech together. I know I was really impressed.

  13. Musicfan,

    Thank you for your excellent blogs about Clay Aiken's speech at this weekend's Human Relations Campaign Gala. You always provide lots of wonderful information.

    I like all the speech photos, maybe #3 the most. *g*

    Thank you for your kind comment in the Carolina blog. Have a great weekend!


  14. I chose #3. That is Clay explaining his position to the audience with his expressive hands. I also liked #1 because it was very early Clay and he already had the poise to address the public.

  15. I vote for BEARDED Clay…I am not usually a fan of a beard.. but he looks so HOT plus add the vest!!! I so wish he would grace us with this again. You never know cause he always tries something a second time,, so I have my fingers crossed. BUT he is so HANDSOME no matter how his hair looks…beard or no beard. I will TAKE HIM..anyway he chooses to wear it ,, I will be DROOLING..

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