Clay Aiken Reach For The Sky!

Sometimes fun pictures are the only way to go.  And there is a theme!!

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22 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Reach For The Sky!

  1. I feel like Clay is reaching for this sky with this new cd/concert. I really don't think I've ever heard him sound this excited and it's got me excited! Let's Go!!

  2. Those "Party All Night" pics get me all the time. That was probably my favourite moment of all the tours combined! I love the theme for today, I love the pics and once again, thank you for your great new blog (and accompanying photos), which is very appropriately named at this time. 🙂

  3. Many Clay Aiken fans are traveling to Raleigh to see the March 12 PBS taping at Memorial Centre. It will be a great experience.

  4. Fans get some of the best pictures of Clay because he is not posing for a camera. Fans catch him doing what he does naturally.

  5. Just finished watching the Ashville SRHP–loved it!! Love the pictures. Love Clay Aiken.
    Love that I am going to Raleigh on March 12!!!! It's going to be great.

  6. Pictures are always good!! Thank you for these beauties.

    I am looking forward to meeting old friends and new friends on March 12th in Raleigh!!

  7. Fun blog. Clay Aiken is such a great singer and entertainer. Looking forward to the new album, concert and appearances.

  8. Clay Aiken sure is reaching for the sky! You can tell he’s so excited for this train to get moving! We are too Clay!!!!!!!!!

  9. Love these pics of silly Clay, is he ever NOT cute (No I think that's impossible!!!) 😀

    I just can't wait for everything happening this yr, it's going to be great!!!!

  10. Musicfan,

    Your collection of concert photos will make Clay Aiken fans anxious for the "Tried & True" Tour. All in good time — we are first looking forward to Clay's PBS Special and CD release!

    Have a great weekend!


  11. The pictures bring back some great memories from Clay's SRHP tour. He is such a great

  12. I love those pictures! The SRHP tour was fantastic! I'm really excited about Clay's March 12th concert in Raleigh, and I hope that he'll be touring again in support of "Tried and True."

  13. Love the pictures. He's looking mighty studly in them. He certainly is reaching for the Stars. He is so excited about everything that is happening. I think we are all excited…who wouldn't be. Can't wait for his PBS Special, promotion, cd and whatever else he has in store for us…I know it will be fantastic as usual.

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