Clay Aiken – A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

It has been said many times that Clay Aiken has  many talented fans.  Whether it is making beautiful graphics,  putting together wonderful montages, writing blogs or taking amazing pictures, each talent is appreciated by the ClayNation.

Because of the wonderful pictures that are shared, we all have the opportunity to “live” each performance and appearance.  I found these the other day and, although they are not new, they are special.  Many thanks to the photographers for sharing the moment with us.

Do you remember this morning?  Which picture is your favorite?

I hope it isn’t too long before we get some more wonderful pictures.  It should be soon!!

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

  1. I love Clay's expressive face. Those eyes do me in every time. Picking a favorite of these particular photos is impossible. He was looking extra fine that morning.

  2. I love those pictures. I believe they were taken at GMA? He sounded so wonderful. I can't wait to see him again. The cd comes out in June so it really won't be too much longer. I imagine the PBS special will be around then plus hopefully we will see him on GMA. Jimmy Kimmel, Jay and Tyra. I hope he's everywhere. 🙂

  3. Love these pictures….I remember he was promoting ATDW.. on one of the morning shows.

    I like all the pics, but I do like #4. Only because he's looking right at the person taking the picture…. It's like for a split's Clayton. Of all the pictures we have seen…I have never seen anyone that can change so much…he must be a photographers dream. There is so much depth to Clay, it really is amazing. There are millions of pictures out there, and we can't seem to get enough….

  4. I love them all, but I think #5 is my favorite.

    I can't wait for new pictures.

    Thanks for posting these. There can never be too many Clay pictures!!

  5. I love them all but #4 is my favourite. That's the Clay I love with the hair I love best. Of course, I'll take Clay any old way any old day!

    Can't wait for what's yet to come. Thanks for posting this fine collection!

  6. There's no way I can pick a favorite from that particular group of pictures. That is my very favorite look for Clay Aiken, so ALL of the pictures are my favorite! I don't care if it's in style, out of style, too young for him, too old for him – it doesn't matter. I LOVE it! LOL

  7. Alright, we get to choose! My favorite photo is #4. My first impression upon seeing it was of Clay thinking — Okay ladies behave yourselves, as those outside the studio window waved, shouted his name, and did whatever other hijinks they could think of to get his attention.

  8. I cant pick just one!!Sorry! Isnt that the show where he had to watch his interview with LK? I am probably wrong, but I remember the look on his face when he watched himself, and was so touched by his expressions.

  9. I love all the pictures, but I have to pick the very last one as my favorite. Mainly because I love his profile and he looks so darn sexy in this one.

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