Clay Aiken – Beginnings!

In 2003, when we first heard Clay Aiken sing, we knew he was talented.  The first recorded notes were clear, true and exciting.

I found the following videos on YouTube today.  I know we have seen them before, but sometimes it is fun to go back and watch the very beginning of Clay’s televised career.

In your opinion, which audition was the best?

Clay’s First Audition – Charlotte


Atlanta Audition


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Beginnings!

  1. I have never seen the Charlotte audition before. It's so beautiful. I thank our lucky stars starts he got through in Atlanta. A world without the Clay discovery…..would have been sad…

  2. I honestly like his second audition best. Though his first was really good and certainly showed his range and some interesting things he did with the notes but maybe too OTT. And people tend to always go OTT with that song, so it may not have been the best way to capture their interest. What I dislike most was that news team. Talk about condescending! And the laughter from the them and the crew? Why does he bring that out in some people?! Everybody is different but Clay just happens to be BETTER in different way! ugh

  3. They were both wonderful, as is everything Clay does. I dont think I want to choose either. Thanks though.

  4. I loved both auditions. I would never have guessed when I first watched Clay on AI that he would bring so much joy into my life. His voice has only improved with time and it was great back then!

  5. I pick the 2nd audition. In the first you could tell that he was really nervous. In the second audition, he used his lower register and that made the difference. You could tell that they were very impressed with Clay's voice..and who could blame them.

  6. Maybe stripes are his good luck charm. LOL!

    SOOO glad he went for a 2nd audition.

    His story is the most beautiful, what an amazing journey.

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