Clay Aiken – What’s On Your Mind ?

It is Monday,  March 29th…..the fans of Clay Aiken are patiently (Ha Ha) awaiting news about the mini tour this summer.  I think we all are hoping for a few more dates TODAY!!

However……….just sitting and waiting doesn’t help.  For that reason, lets have a bit of fun.  We need some captions for the following pictures.  Just give a look at Clay’s face and body language and make up whatever you think would work……after all, its just for fun.   The photos are numbered.  In the comments,  put your caption for whatever pictures you find fun to caption.  Do only one or do them all…..just have some fun!!

AND………..if we get any news, be assured we will post the information as quickly as we can!!







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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – What’s On Your Mind ?

  1. 1) Hope my mom isn't looking, I used to get in major trouble for putting my hands in the cement when I younger
    2) See Photo #5
    3) I will not blog about this, nope – you can't make me…..
    4) You can yell all you want, I will NOT undo the 2nd button
    5) See Photo #2 😉
    6) What? Too many stripes? NEVER!

  2. #1 "Quit playing with my pinky!"
    #2 "Seriously David…Unchained Melody AGAIN!!!!"
    #3 "To think, they cut me the first time on AI…Good Lord"
    #4 "You want me to pose for a picture? There are millions out there???"
    #5 "Do I need to tell Paula to pull up her dress???? Yikes"
    #6 "Oh God..not Kathy G. again!"

  3. I'm not very creative but I will try!!
    1. Yikes……this is hot!
    2. They were sooooo big!!
    3. Simon's here?
    4. You guys are not crazy, just enthusiastic!!
    5. ohhhhhhh!!
    6. Somebody PLEASE…..keep Kathy away from me!!

    No…I am not good at this…..but its fun!!

  4. 1 this sand is cold 2 what ya want me to sing with wayne newton 3 this is serous buiss ness 4 um let me give that a second thought 5 hahaha oh wow paula 6 im not pleased that i have to sing with wayne newton

  5. #1. O.M.G. I think my hands are stuck in the cement. Help!
    #2 Whatta ya mean..You want me to sing Unchained Melody again? Crap!!
    #3. I think I'm a little skeered of that contestant!
    #4. OK..OK..So, I shouldn't have eaten those beans before I came on stage. So sue me!
    #5. WOW! Look at those bazoomers on Paula.
    #6. Pleassseeee…Couldn't you have picked anyone besides Kathy Griffin. Gross!!!

  6. 1. oh that’s cold
    2. I can’t say that.
    3. Yikes
    4. Common seriously
    5. Hey Paula, glad your here
    6. Do I seriously have to stand here with her?

  7. The only thing that Ive got to say is that whenever I see photos of Clay (#2) at David Foster Gala,
    there is something about his look that really turns me on. I cant really think of anything else right now.

  8. #1 Help! I've been super glued!
    #4 What, me worry?!
    #5 Wow Paula, I never caught you from this angle before!

  9. #1. "There goes my pinky finger, and I needed that for my ring".
    #2. "I swear I taught the kids to wash their hands when they left the bathroom"!
    #3. "Oh please, don't tell me the kids were eating mud pies again"!
    #4. "I just can't do anything with this hair, should I die it again"!
    #5. "if she breathes deep we are all going to get hit big time"!
    #6. "O.K. who decided on this crummy outfit. I swear Big Bird could do better"!

  10. #1– Did ya notice that this shirt still fits?
    #2–So, David–you want me to sing the glory note for UM again? Okay. But, some day I'm gonna change that song up and really make it mine. It'll just drive the fans wild–you wait–you'll see!
    #3–Yep!! A9 really is the worst season evah!
    #4–Totally forgot the words–you guys'll have to sing it.
    #5 Oh SH*T!! I can't find my watch–do I dare go after it?
    #6–CRAP!!! Everything else I own is in the laundry or at the dry cleaner!! (Maybe no one will notice what I am wearing.)

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