Clay Aiken – Chautauqua Tickets Available

Breaking News!!









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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Chautauqua Tickets Available

  1. What a shock for those who wanted tickets for this.

    I hope you are all able to get tickets now.

    Let us know what happens.

    Oh the Clay Aiken ticket stress, but it is good to be going through it again.

  2. ok…I got my tickets this morning… I got preferred seating, and was fortunate to get that considering we had no idea. Being Canadian, I could not purchase my tickets on line…so I had to wait to call at 9am. Got through…. YAHOO!!!!!! Chautauqua is a great place, and saw Clay there back in the summer of 2007. Clay and Ruben are going to be so much fun…


  3. Yikes………I hope the people who wanted tickets from this place were able to get tickets today!!

    Thanks for the announcement!

  4. Yikes, they caught us by surprise. I hope everyone who was trying for tickets was able to get them.

    I think I'll go watch some clack from the last time Clay appeared there.

  5. Good luck to all trying for tickets. I did get tickets for Asheville today. Hope the other venues aren’t going to pull a surprise also.

  6. Wow! I hope everyone that wanted Chautauqua tickets was able to get them. Clay and Ruben are going to be great in concert together! Not only do they both have talent, they are funny together too!

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