Clay Aiken – Who Are You Looking For?

April is almost over and Clay Aiken fans are getting excited about the drop of the new CD.  While we wait, we can enjoy some fun pictures of Clay.  Who was he looking for??

Which pictures do you like the most?

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Who Are You Looking For?

  1. Gosh…this is difficult to pick….I do like #6…Clay's got that devilish look on his face…. I always love how he picks someone out in the audience….He's just so much fun in concert..


  2. Since most of the photos don't show a lot of Clay, I'm choosing #7 as the one I like best. It's sort of — kind of — a hot body shot. Very shallow, I know!

  3. I like all of Clay's pictures..but, I would have to pick #7..because..well..he looks pretty Hot in that one. There are a couple from his earlier concerts where he was picking someone out of the audience to come up and dance to the song "When You Say You Love Me." Those were fun times. Clay is always a ball at his concerts..and I am sure him and Ruben will be a lot of fun too. Can.not.wait!!

  4. I love it when he's scanning the audience cause it usually means he's looking for someone fun to talk to and hilarious banter will ensue. 🙂

    The last picture is my favorite cause he looks cute and I think that was taken at the concert I went to. He was wonderful of course!

  5. They're all cute as all get-out, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be number 7. Do we still use "GAH"??? If so……………GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. #7 would be my choice. That was Charlotte, NC; Christmas 06 and OH MY GOSH he was GORGEOUS…and of course Hilarious. I believe he was looking for someone to answer the question about the musical term for the night. And of course he looked HOTTER than HOT!!!!!!!

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