Clay Aiken – 21 Days To Wait!

Three weeks….21 days…….It’s not too much longer, but most of the fans of Clay Aiken are anxious to hear the new CD.  Some are also hoping for snippets of the songs while others are hoping for some TV shows before the album drops.

Well, its out of our hands and  all we can do is keep busy, watch the promo video from International Media and hope for more news.

To help pass the time,  we are posting a couple of classic videos.  These always bring out lots of smiles!

Hopefully we will have new videos soon. Have fun watching these classics and don’t forget, we will post news as soon as we can so check back often!!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 21 Days To Wait!

  1. I love all those clips and can watch them again and again (and again). Looking forward to some new videos!!!! Three weeks!!! YIPEE!!!

  2. OMG! I just love those video's. I love the confident Clay singing BMUB on AI2. The Michael Sandecky Video is another favorite. I must have watched that one a million times also. I'll never forget that moment. Even I didn't know it was Clay at first. Only 3 more weeks till the CD? EEEEEE! Cannot wait! Hope we get those snippets soon!!!!!!

  3. Love looking back while we wait for the CD drop. But I am so ready for new Clack coming soon.
    Thank CANN

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