Clay Aiken – Are You Ready?

Today is May 3rd and in 4 weeks we will hear Clay Aiken singing on his new CD titled Tried and True

With only weeks to go, Clay will probably be busy promoting his new album.  In years past, he has done a lot of promotion on television shows.

Most of Clay’s fans remember the fun Clay has had visiting with Jimmy Kimmel and who could forget Clay’s first visit to The Tonight Show to visit with Jay and promote Measure of A Man.

During the day, Clay made the rounds of the many, varied shows.  He even did some cooking on a few shows.

What shows do you most hope Clay will appear on in the next few weeks?  Which ones will be the best to promote the CD??

I hope you will participate.  The more responses, the more fun!!  Personally, I just want to see Clay on TV.

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Are You Ready?

  1. I just want to see Clay on TV also. I would love for him to be on DWTS, Jimmy Kimmel of course, maybe SNL, singing on one of the TV comedies would be great. It is an exciting time to think about what we may see. I can hardly wait! Bring it on-we are all so ready!

  2. Good Clay Aiken memories. And soon we will have new ones to make. The month of May is going to be great.

  3. I always love Clay on Leno and JKL, always fun!!! Where would I love to see Clay? Well, not that I'm a huge fan, but I'd love for him to be on Oprah (I'd actually watch for the first time in years). I'd love for him to be on DWTS (which I'd actually watch for the first time) or Glee (see DWTS). I'll take Clay anywhere, any time – as long as he's singing and hopefully talking (because the man is so funny and so charming)

  4. I want to see him on Jimmy Kimmel again. Love to see him on Leno, and a guest role on "The Closer", "Bones" or "NCIS", all my favorite shows. For singing appearances, DWTS and Glee would be fun.

  5. I'd definitely want to see Clay on Leno & JK. SNL, DWTS or Glee would be great, too. Oprah…probably not going to happen, but the View would be great exposure.

  6. I would love to see Clay on every show but I think he would be fantastic on DWTS, Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel, SNL, GMA and many morning shows.

  7. DWTS would be any singer's dream — that show has an enormous number of viewers — they've beaten Idol several times now. He hasn't been on Kimmel in SUCH a long time…. and the #1 news Claymate isn't on GMA any more. <<sigh>> As a fan, I'd like to see him on anything, any network. As a supporter, I'd like to see him on anything with really high ratings.

  8. I don't care what show Clay is on, as long as I can see him. DWTS would be great…Kimmel of course. Any show that shows him respect….and shows his talent, his humour, and what a great all around person he is….Oprah would be great for that, and I guess Ellen. I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of Clay in the next few weeks… YES!!!!!!

  9. I'm with everyone else. I don't much care where I see him I just want to see him! He and Jimmy have such chemistry. He always has fun with the ladies on The View and of course Tyra. Last time he was on Leno he as a total riot (how could we miss that great big hint!!) Dancing with the Stars of course would be wonderful. All the best for Clay.

  10. I liked the Kimmel and Leno appearances best because he always gets lots of couch time and it is very entertaining but I will be watching any where he appears.

  11. WOW…………he has to visit with Jimmy K……I also like his chats with Leno. Dancing With The Stars would be fabulous and so would Glee.

    I wonder what will happen in the morning shows with Diane missing from GMA.

    Please……….just lots of TV. I want to see Clay!!

  12. DWTS would be the best place for Clay to be. I want Clay's voice to reach as many people as possible. I'd love a Kimmel appearance too. It seems so long since he's been on with Jimmy. I'll take any other shows he can get booked on. I want to see Clay on as many shows as possible.

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