Clay Aiken – Amazing!

As we wait for June 1st and the drop of Tried and True by Clay Aiken, lets look at some amazing screen caps.  A big thank you to the many fans who took the time to share these pictures with us!!

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. I love them all, but I'm particularly fond of the third photo. I love that little piece of stray hair – so endearing and oh so Clay!!!

  2. I think I like the one where he's holding the microphone. He looks so relaxed, casual and at home in that one.

  3. I love all of them, but I think my favorite is the first one. He looks so happy and content with this project. The unbuttoned shirt may have contributed to my choice. 🙂

  4. This time around I'm loving photo #4 — Clay Aiken with his microphone in hand. Even though he has a pensive expression, that hint of a smile has him looking mighty fine. Wonder what he's thinking.

  5. It's like asking which child is your favorite lol
    Love anything with his hands so the sitting with mic photo slays me

  6. I love them all. But, my favorites are #1 and #3. Just love him in that white tux with the open shirt. How sexy! And, yes, the open shirt played a big part in it. Well…I just couldn't help myself. Lol!!

  7. #1,#3,#4.

    The tux with the untied bowtie..enough said. The strand of hair – at first glance, I thought he had sunglasses over the top of his head…

    #4 – the hint of a smile, the cheekbone and hand on mic.. perfection.

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