Clay Aiken – Is There a Fiesta Going On?

It is May 5th and the fans of Clay Aiken are wondering what news they might receive today.  In the ongoing promotion for Clay’s new CD, each day is filled with anticipation.  Will there be more photos?  Will we hear if Clay is going to do promotion on TV?   Will there be snippets of the songs?  Each query brings a renewed excitement to the fan boards and puts a smile on  the faces of Clay’s ardent fans.

Today is also Cinco de Mayo, the yearly holiday, which celebrates all things Mexican. The festival dates back to May 5, 1862 when Mexican Republic forces defeated the invading French military at the Battle of Puebla, despite being vastly outnumbered. Although the holiday is not currently celebrated through much of Mexico, it remains as popular as ever in the United States and other parts of the world.

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is a marketing celebration, like Valentine’s Day, that was made to sell more Corona and tequila. It is similar to St Patrick’s Day –another day of fun.

Americans have been shopping for more Mexican food ingredients in anticipation of Cinco de Mayo. A report from My Web Grocer shows that jalapeno peppers and cheese sales have increased more than 70 percent in the past week. The sale of avocados, limes, and refried beans increased more than 30 percent in the past week as well.

Parties will be thrown from New York to Los Angeles as a warm-up for the outdoor party season. In Los Angles massive block parties are being held in the city while New York is arranging a multitude of street fairs.

Is Clay celebrating Cinco de Mayo? He has made it clear that he is not a big fan of Guacamole or avocados, complaining that too much food in California is smothered in the “green stuff.”  However, we have pictures of Clay shopping for food at Baja Fresh.  Maybe he actually likes a taco or two and maybe he likes to munch on a plateful of Nachos.  It might be Fiesta Time at the Aiken House!!

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  1. Love your graphics for Cinco de Mayo. I enjoy seeing the celebrations here with great colors, costumes and music.
    Now I'm hoping Clay Aiken is also celebrating this day and will give us a snippet possibly of Eso Beso.

  2. What an interesting and timely article. Thanks for all the work you do to put CANN together. It must take many hours and tons of research. Clay fans appreciate everything you do to keep it fresh and new.

    Oh, Clay looks so young and adorable in those pictures.

  3. Happy Cinco de Mayo to CANN, Clay Aiken, and all our Hispanic friends and fan.
    Love those Clay pictures.

  4. Interesting statistics, I never really gave it much thought LOL!!! Wonder what's going on with the sales of Tequila and Corona? Hoping everyone has a safe Cinco de Mayo.

    Loving the photos of Clay!!!!

  5. Great blog! I loved those pictures of Clay Aiken too. You amaze me with all the work you put into producing these great blogs! Kudos to you!

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