Clay Aiken- Just A Short Comment!

Happy Days Are Here Again!

What a wonderful Monday.  It was great to hear the song snippets from Clay Aiken’s new CD. Then, it was fun to see how many sites picked up the press release from Decca.  Will there be more coming today?

One of the things that each of us can do to support Clay Aiken  and his new album is very easy.  We need to visit as many of the sites that we can that are running information about the album and the tour.  This a way to let the website know that Clay has support.  If 20 people click on the site, its not very good, but if a thousand visit, the site will realize that there is a lot of interest in Clay.

It is also very important to leave a comment at these sites.  Yes, it does take a few minutes, but comments are an important part of how a website is positioned on google.  Of course, all articles and blogs want to be at the top.  If we support the site, they will report more news.

Unfortunately, there is a small group of people who think it is their job to write as much negative as they can about Clay and other stars.  There is no way to stop them from commenting, however, we can make them look pretty un-important.  NEVER recognize that they are there..that means that fans should never comment about them or what they say.  They go into the comments to get a rise out of people. If we ignore them, it takes away their fun.  And, when they say such hateful and silly things, they look foolish!  Some sites actually let you “buzz” the comments too.  You can give a thumbs up or down to show your support or disappointment in the comment.  If there are enough thumbs down,the comment does not show.

We can also help by rating the article.  Sometimes the site will have a “Buzz” rating or sometimes it has stars.  Whichever rating is used, it only takes a few seconds to give the article some recognition.

I know that all fans are busy but this is something that we should do.  We  are  not interfering with any PR,but we are giving our support to the sites who post information about Clay.

There has been a lot written about the importance of web blogs and articles and how they can influence the sales of a new album.  Let’s all step up and help out in a positive way!!

Here are a few of the sites that need visits and comments.









OK………..enough for now.  What excitement we can stir up in a positive way is a great support to Clay.  Let’s give it a try.  Which site can get 100 positive comments first?

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  1. Fans just need to disregard the negative comments and post positive. It is so obvious that they are a little group of very insecure individuals that thrives when they push fans buttons.

  2. As I have mentioned in one of the boards, we should stay away from the negatives and concentrate on the positives. I remember when I first became a member of the Claynation, the many comments on some article got me so pumped. I started reading them one by one. I noticed that there were some nasty comments written about Clay. That threw me off! It got me so upset that I was afraid to even peek! From then on, I made sure that I read the article and write a positive comment and get off the site! I feel better this way, IMO! I'm glad we still have Clay on our side! Feels good too that his fans are very supportive of him! To me, that tops it all!

  3. I think this is absolutely fantastic, He is FINALLY getting the recognition and support from a record label that he deserves.
    He marches to the beat of his own drum and we as his fans love that about him. I love his conviction.
    You Go Clay!!!

  4. Love seeing the articles which are positive and we need fans to comment. Takes only a minute and gives a more balanced perspective.
    I agree ignore the negative nellies and haterz, they have zero lives.

  5. Thanks for such an informative inspiring blog! The best route is to IGNORE as Clay says. He is such a smart man :o} I have commented on some of those sites, and will comment on the others today. These negative nellies live on the "dark side" and are pathetic.

  6. This is very helpful, thank you! I will go visit the sites and post a comment and buzz and what not. My writing skills has improved quite a bit since taking the first step commenting on articles, blogs and message boards. LOL!

    It is very helpful to have positive comments. When I was ‘researching’ Clay all over the net trying to find out ‘the real story’, I was really impressed with the support and love shown and decided to follow the love. 😀 I am really thankful to those who have shown their support all these years, they are helpful to new fans. Not worried about the negative comments, can be neutralised with many good comments, which is really not hard to do. 😛

  7. Yes, there seems to be a small group of people that go out of their way to write nasty, vile things. The thing is, after awhile, you can see that this group actually make it their job to do this….over and over again…How sad is that? I feel sorry for them. What sad pathetic people that choose to rip people apart, just because…

    I post my comments when I can and give my honest opinion.

    By the way, love the pictures above…they are so cool!!! Hugs, Judy

  8. Yes…That is what I always do…just ignore the negative comments. Then I write my positive comment and get off the site. That way I feel good about commenting and don't have to read the other negative comments. These are small, petty people who can't have much of a life. They are to be pitied.

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