Clay Aiken – “We Are Music. We Are Technology”

How many hours have you spent on the new Official Fan Club Board for Clay Aiken?  The new internet site has been open about 24 hours and already many fans have signed up and many more are hoping to be signed in soon.

There is much to learn about the new site.  We now have points; we can request friends and we have much to learn about the new forum.  Some fans were even lucky enough to hear a preview of a couple of the songs from Tried & True.  Too bad they had to be removed.

One thing that I have read over and over is the excitement of requesting help and actually getting someone who communicates with you…….immediately.  Overwhelmingly, the posts from fans have mentioned how kind and polite the staff has been in trying to address each problem.  This is such a positive way to get to know the fans and for us to get to know the site.

Clay’s new fan club site is now run by ground(ctrl).  This company has three offices on the west coast.  They are in Sacramento, Seattle, and Beverly Hills.   While reading their web site, I was most impressed by the enthusiasm and love the company has for their job.

The company is made up of former musicians, music lovers and tech “geeks” who are in their 30s and passionate about what they do.

According to their web-site:

We use technology to help others fall in love and stay in love with their favorite artists. We understand that with technology no one needs to come between the artist and their fans, not even us. We set out to do things differently, by making the artist and fan top priority in everything we do.

The company furnishes many services to their artists.  Besides providing Artist Focused Communities, ground(ctrl) administers:

  • Online Merchandising
  • Direct Ticket Sales
  • Event Services
  • Content Planning and Maintenance
  • Custom Design and Development
  • Management & Support

Although ground(ctrl) calls itself a small boutique company,  they have an impressive list of clients, or, as they say, partners who work with them.  Some of their partners are Rascal Flatts, Daughtry, Martina McBride, Steve Winwood, GleeLive, and The Backstreet Boys.

This successful company is like a breath of fresh air.  They are successful because they love what they are doing.  Their web-site states:

We do this because we love it.  We do it because there is a monumental change occurring to an industry that desperately needs it.  We welcome the change, we believe in it, and we are thankful to be a part of it.

The new board is Clay Aiken’s home.  We are his guests.  As we learn more about the new site, it will be thrilling to see a positive and exciting place to celebrate Clay Aiken and his amazing talent.

For more information, visit ground(ctrl)

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  1. It looks great! You did a good job redesigning it. Thanks for a great blog too. It is a pretty exciting time right , which makes it very frustrating if you cant get into the new site. Best wishes to everyone having trouble. We have almost 2 days until June 1 and Tried and True drops. Wonder how many board members will be around for it during the holiday.

  2. They have a phone number and real live people to talk to who can fix problems on the spot. What a concept.

    Nice new look here too.

  3. I like what I'm seeing and hearing about ground(ctrl). I've read numerous posts from fans who have talked to the team at ground(ctrl). Everyone said the staff was very helpful as well as very nice. I see that a password was posted this evening for all the fans to use who were having trouble getting logged in. I sense a major improvement over the service we got from the last company that ran the fan club site.

  4. I was one who could not get in to the new fan club. When the password was posted to get logged in, with instructions on how to reset your password, I tried it and it worked! Kudos to the ground(ctrl) team! How refreshing!!!!!!!!!!

    Good job on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks very nice!

  5. The people are ground(ctrl) are fantastic. I made a call this morning and within 5 mins. a really nice guy had me logged in and ready to explore. Love the look of the new OFC. Has the look and feel of quality. And that is exactly what Clay deserves.

  6. I'm loving the new Fan Club at Ground (Ctrl). Had a little trouble getting in at first..but, I have been spending many hours over there just exploring. I got to hear UM..Wow is all I can say. So nice to see an enthusiastic group taking over the Fan Club..they seem to be very helpful.

  7. I really like the new Clay Aiken fan site, I was lucky enough to hear the 3 full songs , they were absolutely beautiful!
    I think I have posted on OFC more in 24 hours than all the time I have been a member there.

  8. By any chance do you mean Steve Winwood, as opposed to Steve Winward?
    Search on the latter brings up nuthin'!
    But Steve Winwood is a well-known musician.

  9. I really like the new board, and the responsiveness of the admin and mods of ground(ctrl). It's very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the new board. To answer your question, how much time have I spent there since it opened, I would answer more time than I haven't.

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