Clay Aiken – The Birth of Ying and Yang

Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard out-did themselves Thursday night when they performed at the Turning Stone Casino.  This is the 4th concert that I have attended and this one was by far the very best.

Tonight was the beginning of the Ying and Yang theme song.  Clay asked the audience to suggest a name for the song and after a few suggestions, they chose Ying and Yang.  Then Clay asked for a type of music……..bluegrass was chosen.  Ruben was able to sing a song, making it up as he sang.  It was amazing and lots of fun.

Each time that Clay and Ruben talked to each other, the banter and teasing became better and better.  It is fun to see how they expand to make the comedy more fun.  Watching the band members laugh is always a treat.

Musically,the concert was amazing. Each performer was in fine voice and each song was sung with excitement and feelings.  The crowd gave a lot of support to all the performers and sang and danced along throughout the evening.

Of course, the highlight of the evening for me was the wonderful Meet & Greet that I won at the OFC.  Clay was so kind as he greeted us and chatted with us.  He has a way of making you feel so relaxed and I love that when he talks to you, he looks you directly in the eye.

It was so wonderful to meet so many friends in the last few days.  On Thursday, meeting so many friends from all over the world made it especially nice.

I will be headed home soon and life will begin to get back to normal.  However,the memories of these concerts will be here forever.  Life is just a little better because of the great concert experience.

Thank you for your support this week as I have been traveling.  The articles have mostly been written late at night and after a concert.  It makes it hard to concentrate at that time.  Your support has been great!

Two more shows………are you headed for one of them?

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  1. Great picture of Clay Aiken.
    Ying and Yang theme song with bluegrass type of music? Too funny!
    I can't believe this concert is coming to an end.

  2. I hope we get clack of the Ying and Yang song. Glad you had a great time and to hear they stepped it up some. I bet it was funnier than ever. Don't think I'll ever go to a 1st show again. I would rather wait until they have done a few shows and tweeked it some. Sounds so much better than the Asheville show. But I still had fun and laughed my butt off.

  3. I was at Verona, Chatauqua and Windsor but I still pick Chatauqua as my favourite. I'd give my eye teeth to be at the Biloxi concert tonight as I'm sure there will be no holds barred. It will be a fun fest with the two of them trying to outdo the other.

    Ying and Yang was funny, especially since Clay and the band had it all worked out and Ruben was left in the dark. He did a great job of making up the theme song. It had better be on clack or it will probably be forgotten. The Verona concert was longer than the other two but in Chatauqua I was on the right side (Clay's side) and in Verona, I was on the left. That might have been the difference. I also wasn't crazy about the seating in Verona although I had a very good seat, I and the others on my side of the table had to turn their chairs so we wouldn't have our backs to the stage. Those pews in Chatauqua were hard on the butt but the sideward chairs were hard on other parts of the old bod! Great shows though …. all of them!

  4. The Verona concert was one of the best ever. The video is up now of Ying and Yang. That was a special treat and so much fun to wittness in person.

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