Clay Aiken Went Clothes Shopping in Reno

It is 11:30pm and I am back in my room after seeing my first Timeless Tour show.  What an exciting evening.  The show is full of so much fun and fabulous music.  I feel so lucky to have seen this wonderful show.

There are two things that I wanted to mention quickly.  First, there was a very drunk lady in the audience.  She was in the front row and must have been pretty loud.  Although both Clay and Ruben had no choice but to joke with her, I do believe it changed the rhythm of the concert.  About two thirds through the show, she was almost carried out of the show.  I doubt if she will remember anything.

The other thing I will mention is Clay’s new outfit.  He had a new pair of  Hammer Pants.  They were shiny black and the material looked almost like trash bag material.  To complete the outfit, Clay wore a faux leather jacket.  There was a long gold chain hanging down the front.  Clay pulled up the jacket to show off his 4″wide gold, sparkly belt that was attached to the chain. No one had seen Clay in the outfit and poor Ruben really lost it completely.  He could not stop laughing.  The entire band laughed when Clay turned to them and showed off his “bling.”  It was a real moment!!  Clay mentioned that Reno had some great stores for getting new clothes.

I have no pictures yet,but will post more tomorrow.

If you can, get to one of the shows.  It makes for a wonderful show!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Went Clothes Shopping in Reno

  1. I was there last night, too! The show was fantastic! Ruben was a great asset to Clay's concert and I thought he sang great. The two played off each other very well. There is nothing like hearing Clay sing–but add Ruben to that–AWESOME! (The pants were hilarious!!!) We flew in from SLC–SO glad we did! (Love your blog.)

  2. I've not watched much video at all of this tour, but may need to seek out that video. 😀 I see Clay i one week. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  3. No show for me sadly but I did get to watch the video this morning. Clay and Ruben together are priceless. Both their singing and their comedy.

  4. Just got back from the L.A. Show. You are right…the show is fantastic and the new pants are hilarious. Clay and Ruben are a great team!

  5. Glad it was so much fun and Clay and Ruben are having so much fun. I gotta find that video somewhere 🙂

  6. OMG! That was so funny when he came out in that new Hammer pants with the gold chain. He certainly had his bling. Ruben was flabbergasted when he saw him. That was a cool show.

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