Clay Aiken – Busy Hands

Hands!  Artistic Hands!  Busy Hands!  Loving Hands!

Yes…these hands have been busy!

The following YouTube answers Kelly Ripa.

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Busy Hands

  1. Thank you so much for that beautiful video showing just how touching and meaningful Clay's hands have been. We his fans who love and support him no matter what don't even know the magnitude of all the good he has done. Thanks for reminding us with this work of beauty and art. We don't know some of the things in this video just because Clay in addition to being so talented is so humble! So as always, we are so thankful for Clay and all he does. And to Kelly Rippa, eat your heart out! And where have her self-serving & self-centered hands been? No one cares!

  2. Those hands are just….wow! Love those pictures, my favorite one is the last one, of course 🙂 Great video too.

  3. Great video. Nothing like telling the truth…and nothing but…the Truth! How can someone's hands be so sexy? Well, Clay's are!

  4. This was such a moving and beautiful video. Thanks for sharing it on a day when the season is winding down and we can sometimes become a little depressed. Seeing Clay's selfless work and accomplishments makes all that go away! Thank you again and Happy New Year.

  5. Clay really does have the most expressive hands around. He uses them in his songs so well.

    BUT………it is what he does off stage…his work with children…his work in making the world a better place

    Thank you for this blog today. Where did you find the video? I have never seen it before!

  6. Thank you for this lovely blog. Clay's hands are expressive, but more than that, they have been working hard trying to make a difference in this world. Loved the video…thanks Musicfan.

  7. I remember seeing part of the show when Clay was cohosting with Kelly Ripa. She was being very rude by hogging the conversation. Kelly should do even half of the things Clay does to help people.She should have understood that Clay was probably a little nervous doing something he wasn,t used to doing. Kelly maybe you should care about others and not be so self serving. Since Regis left I never watch the show. None of us are perfect and I,m sure Clay didn,t mean to be rude.

  8. I don"t watch the show either since Regis left. Kelly always has to be the center of attraction. It is so obvious. I just can't watch her. It is a shame since I like some of the guests on the show.

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