Clay Aiken – It’s Started!

Hello from the beautiful Marriott City Center hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I arrived around noontime and immediately found Clay fans in the lobby.  How fun to exchange hellos and hugs with friends I have met before and meet others that I have only chatted with online.

I met with a group of volunteers at 5:30 on Thursday.  We had many different jobs to accomplish.  We worked with blow-up toys, tissue paper and beautiful wrappings.  Working together, we got a lot accomplished.  A big thank you to the ladies who worked so hard to get everything organized.  It was fun to work together, chat and do something that helped.

I had to leave the hotel this morning at 6:30AM to catch my flight to Raleigh.  I had very little access to the Internet on Thursday.  From reading, I guess I missed some voting at a few radio stations.  It’s amazing how quickly news changes.

I am excited to be here and wish you all were here too.  I will try to post often during the next couple of days.  I want all of you to know what is happening.

Are you Ready??


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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Started!

  1. I'm so excited beyond belief!! Lol with the pictures, that is such Classic Clay 🙂 I thought he looked very handsome with the beard.

  2. We arrived yesterday, Thursday. I saw ladies talking in lobby at Marriott in evening and smiled at them, but no one smiled back, so figured they werent "us." I am so happy to be here again and to look forward to seeing Clay. What the what?!! The new single. I thought he said January. And so it begins!!!

  3. Glad the trip to Raleigh went so smoothly. It must be fun to talk with Clay fans face to face. What in the world does Clay have in his mouth in these photos?

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